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Hoskins was a member of the group called "The Trust" which was comprised of former rogue NID agents who believed that they had the right to use any means necessary in order to protect Earth. He was introduced in the episode, 8.07 "Affinity".

Character Biography

Hoskins was the group leader of the ex-NID agents who had joined The Trust. He showed that he didn't have a problem with killing innocent people when he pointed a gun at Krista James in order to force Daniel Jackson to do a translation for him. Fortunately, after getting the information he wanted, he zatted the two instead of killing them (8.07 "Affinity").

The translation which Hoskins forced Daniel to make was used to obtain access into the control systems of Osiris' ship which had remained cloaked in orbit since the episode, 7.15 "Chimera". With access to the technology available on this ship, The Trust was able to beam the stargate right out of the SGC 'gate room and use it to launch rockets loaded with symbiote-killing poison into the air of Ba'al's known bases, killing Goa'uld underlords and Jaffa alike (8.10 "Endgame").

Hoskins wasn't so nice the next time Daniel Jackson encountered him when he captured both Carter and Daniel on Osiris' ship. After Daniel disabled their cloak, they were vulnerable to attack from the Prometheus, so Hoskins decided that they needed to engage the hyperdrive to make an escape. He concluded that taking Daniel and Carter was not an option and planned to kill them when Teal'c was able to activate the stargate and distract him. Daniel engaged in a one-on-one fight, but Hoskins was able to get to the zat gun while Daniel got to the radio. Daniel called to Teal'c in the radio and Teal'c came through the wormhole with his staff weapon ready. As soon as Teal'c saw Hoskins with the zat, he killed him with one blast to the chest.

SG-1 was able to recover the stargate from Osiris' ship before another one of The Trust's agents, Brooks, engaged the hyperdrive and made her escape along with her fellow conspirator, Jennings.


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