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Hanno of the Byrsa


As a young boy, Hanno witnessed Teal'c kill his father when Apophis visited his homeworld of Cartago. When SG-1 went to this planet, Hanno, now a grown man, recognized Teal'c and placed him under arrest to face a trial, his guilt already assumed. Hanno was introduced in the episode, 1.16 "Cor-ai".

Character Biography

Teal'c was put on trial with the rest of his teammates as his council. He was ready to face the charges and the sentence of death because he took responsibility for his actions as First Prime to Apophis. The "Cor-ai" trial was held before the elders of the Byrsa, with Hanno standing as the one who spoke as the witness and the victim. The court system on Cartago assumed guilt, rather than innocence.

During SG-1's mission to Cartago, a patrol of Apophis' Jaffa arrived in order to take slaves back with them. The Byrsa ran for their hideaway, but some of them were captured. Even though Teal'c was bound, he fought the Jaffa, one of whom he had personally trained named Shak'l. Teal'c was instrumental in defeating the Jaffa and Hanno recognized that he, as Daniel had so passionately argued, was not the same man who had killed his father. Hanno freed Teal'c.


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