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Lt. Grogan


After going through training, Lt. Grogan's first assignment was to SG-9, a diplomatic team.

Character Biography

Once in a while, SG-1 designed scenarios at Stargate Command in order to train SG team candidates. Grogan was placed on a training team with Lt. Elliot, Lt. Jennifer Hailey, and Lt. Satterfield. The team as a whole, under the leadership of Elliot, didn't perform well during preliminary drills, but when it came to thinking that the base personnel had actually been taken over through alien technology, they worked impressively well together. Originally, Carter and O'Neill, the two Air Force officers on SG-1, evaluated Grogan as one who needed more training, but, according to Carter, would make a fine addition to an SG team one day. O'Neill's sentiment was that he made a fine target and was good at getting shot. (5.13 "Proving Ground")

Ironically, after Grogan joined SG-9 and went on a diplomatic mission to Latona, he was the only survivor of a Jaffa patrol attack on his team. He acted as liaison between O'Neill and the planet's leader, Marul, and attempted to facilitate the evacuation of the people through the Stargate to avoid the Goa'uld System Lord Svarog's invasion. Fortunately for the Latonans, their planetary defense system, the Sentinel, eliminated Svarog's ships and army so that evacuation was not necessary. Diplomatic ties with the planet, however, were most likely broken because of the tampering done on the Sentinel by a rogue cell of Earth's NID organization. (5.20 "The Sentinel")

Following the mission to Latona, Grogan's further assignments are unknown.


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