Gloria Rush

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Gloria Rush


Gloria Rush is the late wife of Icarus Project's lead scientist Dr. Nicholas Rush. She was an accomplished violinist who also taught violin in her home. She died of cancer while living in California where her husband was a university professor. Her death occurred after Rush joined the Stargate Program to figure out the power requirements of dialing the ninth chevron on the Stargate. His obsession with figuring out the problem cost him precious time with his dying wife, whose best friend Constance was there for her more than her own husband. When he was linked to the Destiny's neural interface chair, Rush had to own up to his shortcomings during Gloria's final days and to finally reach a type of forgiveness and closure. His last words to his wife in this lucid dream-like state were "I haven't forgotten you, Gloria, and I never will." (Stargate Universe: 1.14 "Human")


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