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Dr. Claire Jackson


Claire Jackson was an archaeologist, the daughter of Nicholas Ballard, the wife of Melburn Jackson, and mother of Daniel Jackson. She was introduced in the episode, 2.04 "The Game Keeper".

Character Biography

Dr. Claire Jackson was killed in an accident as she and her husband set up an exhibit in the New York Museum of Art. They were placing a coverstone over a tomb exhibit when the chain broke and the coverstone crushed them as they stood directly underneath it to guide in its placement. The accident was witnessed by their young son, Daniel, who could do nothing but stand and watch. The Keeper on the planet designated P7J-989, using virtual reality simulations of the event, attempted to entice Daniel to stay within his make-believe world by giving him the opportunity to change the outcome of the event. Daniel witnessed the replaying of the accident several times before he decided that there was nothing he could do to change the outcome and he refused to cooperate with the Keeper any further. (2.04 "The Game Keeper")

Claire's father, Nicholas Ballard, was also an archaeologist. After Daniel's parents' deaths, Nicholas refused to care for Daniel, who was then eight years old. As a result, Daniel was placed in foster care homes while Nicholas obsessed with his work. The two were reunited during the third year of SG-1's operation, only to be separated when Nicholas again chose his research over his grandson. (3.21 "Crystal Skull", "Stargate: The Movie")


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