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Injured Mitchell


Although a newer member of SG-1, Cameron Mitchell seems to be making up for lost time in sustaining injuries on missions with the SGC flagship team.

Off-world Missions

  • P8X-412: A Prior of the Ori unleashed a plague into the local population of the planet. Exposed to the disease, Mitchell fell into critical condition before the Prior cured everyone on the planet (9.04 "The Powers That Be").
  • P9G-844: Mitchell received several minor injuries in hand-to-hand combat with a Sodan warrior as well as a minor staff blast wound to his arm and a staff blast wound to his torso. He was cured through local Sodan remedies (9.08 "Babylon"). Later, it was revealed the staff weapon blast left a scar (10.08 "Memento Mori"). During this same mission, he suffered several minor injuries during Sodan warrior training called jomo se telek. As a ruse, Mitchell purposefully ingested sedative that gave him the appearance of death, knocking him unconscious for several hours. Before falling unconscious, he sustained several minor injuries in ritual duel (kel shak lo), and was struck in thigh by the blade of krantu staff, likely leaving a scar (9.08 "Babylon").
  • P9G-844: Mitchell was telekinetically knocked to the ground by Prior of the Ori. Then, he was similarly manipulated into the air, where he was choked by the Prior until the Prior's powers were blocked, causing Mitchell to fall several feet to the ground. He recovered quickly (9.11 "Fourth Horseman Part 2").
  • Galar: Mitchell was knocked unconscious for several hours by unknown electrical charge. He had his memories manipulated by Galar technology based on a Goa'uld memory recall device. Then, he relived several traumatic memories from his past in effort to discover what had happened to him (9.12 "Collateral Damage").
  • P6G-452: Along with the rest of his team, Mitchell was restrained and beaten for over twenty-four hours by members of the Lucian Alliance. He received several blows to the face during this encounter, though was able to shrug them off to continue on another mission (9.15 "Off the Grid").
  • P9G-844: Sustained minor injuries when choked and tossed around by the zombified Volnek. He later was subjected to the concussive force of the blast which destroyed Volnek. None of the injuries sustained appeared serious (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle").
  • Camelot: Fought a holographic knight similar to the one in Avalon. Unlike the Avalon hologram, this knight was a defense mechanism, rather than a test of worth, and continued to strike Mitchell with his sword, causing an energy surge to impact Mitchell with each blow. Mitchell was defeated and almost killed before Daniel Jackson destroyed the control mechanism for the hologram. Mitchell appeared stiff for some time after the battle (9.20 "Camelot").
  • P3Y-229 region: lost consciousness and had head injury when his F-302 was caught in the blast wave of the Korolev explosion (10.01 "Flesh and Blood Part 3").
  • Vagonbrei: affected by a parasite that made him extraordinarily tired. If he succumbed, the parasite would have engorged and eventually led to a brain aneurysm. He was rescued by an SGC team in hazmat gear (10.02 "Morpheus").
  • Amon Shek Physically beaten into unconsciousness by Teal'c, including possible injury to his wrist. He still sported large bruises on his face some time later (10.17 "Talion")

Aboard Alien or Earth Vessels

  • Prometheus: Mitchell was struck several times by a Teal'c from an alternate universe. Later in the same mission, he was shoved and presumably hit again by the same alternate Teal'c, after which his clothes were removed (9.13 "Ripple Effect").
  • Korolev: Mitchell was knocked to the floor and received minor injuries from secondary explosions on the ship during its battle with the Ori vessels. He was on his way to the F-302 hangar bay and it is uncertain if he made it to his fighter. It is unclear what his current condition is, or even if the vessel he was on was one destroyed by the Ori during the battle at this point (9.20 "Camelot").
  • Ori Warship: zatted by Jaffa soldiers, rendering him unconscious (10.07 "Counterstrike")
  • Lucian Alliance Ha'tak: got into a fistfight with Alliance members while impersonating Kefflin; his injuries were superficial. Later was choked by Teal'c when interceding in Teal'c's beating of his own torturers before Teal'c realized who he was (10.09 "In The Company Of Thieves")
  • Odyssey: badly injured after hand to hand combat with human/replicator hybrid Marrick; also caught in blast wave of detonation killing the replicator queen. Had an extended stay in the infirmary from several injuries, but later returned to active duty (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Earth, SGC Base

  • Outside Isolation Lab 2: Mitchell was telekinetically thrown by Khalek against the corridor wall, sustaining a concussion (9.09 "Prototype").

Other Earth Locations

  • Antarctica: Before even joining SG-1, Mitchell sustained life-threatening injuries as leader of a squadron of F-302s . They protected SG-1 from Anubis's fleet, and Mitchell's craft took damage. He was able to still take out an al'kesh before crashing into the snow. He was in critical condition for a while. Later, he was in several months of therapy. Though his doctors believed he might be paralyzed for life, Mitchell fought back to be able to return to active duty (9.01 "Avalon Part 1").
  • Avalon, underneath England: Mitchell dueled with a holographic knight. The sword used by the knight did not cut him, but it did cause a painful energy surge into his body. The effects, though partially debilitating, were not permanent (9.02 "Avalon Part 2").
  • Unspecified location: bullet grazed his arm in shootout with Trust members, knocking him to the ground where he must have hit his head in the fall since he lost consciousness. To the amusement of Sam Carter, Mitchell lost his pants (and shirt) for the second time when at an amnesiac Vala's mercy afterwards (10.08 "Memento Mori").
  • Warehouse: pulled a hamstring in final shootout with Trust members (10.08 "Memento Mori")

Pants Losses

More an injury to his ego than anything else, Lt. Col. Carter has become amused at Mitchell's loss of his pants.

1. On Prometheus when alternate Mitchell impersonated him, Mitchell was left in his underwear (9.13 "Ripple Effect").

2. On Earth, Vala stripped him to his shorts and handcuffed him to a hotel bed to prevent escape and to treat his wound (10.08 "Memento Mori").

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