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Borzin was a fence for stolen spaceships and their parts on a planet known to be allied with the Lucian Alliance.

Character Biography

Borzin lived on a planet formerly used by the Goa'uld to build spaceships, but now had become more aligned with the Lucian Alliance (10.09 "Company of Thieves"). Borzin worked as a fence in spaceships and their parts and apparently was an old business acquaintance of Vala's. When Vala approached him with a bearhug, he seemed accustomed to her conniving ways and even warned Daniel Jackson about them.

Lucian Alliance member Solek brought the Odyssey transponder to Borzin after the ship was hijacked in order to set a trap for SG-1. While Borzin stalled by showing Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran the device and played a portion of the voice recording, Solek snuck up behind them to catch them both unguarded. Solek knocked them both out with a zat'nik'tel. Borzin accompanied Solek and the prisoners to get his promised reward for helping ambush half (two fifths) of SG-1. Based upon the ominous exchange between Anateo and Solek with orders to "take care of" Borzin, both Daniel and Vala predicted Borzin would most likely be killed.


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