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Chairman Ashwan


Ashwan was the chairman of the leading political party of the planet Tagrea, in the episode, 6.20 "Memento".

Character Biography

Chairman Ashwan took the arrival of Earth's Prometheus as a joyous event: evidence that his people were not alone and were kindred to others from another world. He was so enthusiastic about SG-1's arrival with the ship that Commander Kalfas, the leader of the Tagrean security force, was on the verge of inciting his troops to overthrow Ashwan. Their ancestors had buried the stargate after Heru'ur left them and then destroyed all records of his existence. The people of Tagrea had no history.

Ashwan's hope that the people of Earth and of Tagrea could become friends was shown in his impassioned plea for Kalfas' troops to lay down their weapons they held against Teal'c and Jonas and others who have successfully unburied the stargate:

Commander Kalfas, he's a good man…a cautious man. But he thinks, as our ancestors did, that it is better to control what we do not understand, to bury it so it cannot harm us. I, too, once thought as he does, but no longer. These…aliens, who Kalfas fears so much, are not conquerors, they are long lost brethren. Look at it. This is where we came from. This is who we are. Our ancestors erased our history out of fear. And yet, without our history, we cannot know who we are, or who we may someday become. I will not make that same mistake.


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