AG-3 Defense System

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AG-3 Defense System


The AG-3 Defense System was a series of strategically-placed killer satellites designed to detect and destroy Goa'uld ships approaching Earth. The system was never built in reality, but only in the dreams of Daniel Jackson.

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The AG-3 Defense System is an orbital network of satellites fuelled by heavy liquid naquadah. The system was designed by Dr. Daniel Jackson, with help from Maj. Sam Carter, within the dream Shifu used to teach Daniel what the knowledge of a Harsesis truly meant. Each satellite was capable of detecting approaching Goa'uld ships thousands of light years away. Its weapons systems could penetrate Goa'uld shield technology and destroy motherships. Carter judged it to be the perfect anti-Goa'uld defense system. The project cost $160 billion dollars and was constructed via a strategic division of labor among private contractors, enabling the project to be completed in secrecy and Daniel to maintain control of it. Twenty-four delivery systems launched concurrently, each dispersing 12 AG-3s into orbit, making a total of 288 AG-3 satellites. Daniel used two of the pyramid-shaped weapons to destroy a Russian satellite and then, as global tension mounted, he assumed control of the system as Carter feared he would, destroying Moscow in a vast explosion to indicate to the world he was 'protecting' the seriousness of his intentions. It was through this act that Daniel finally learned that the only way for Shifu and himself to win was to deny the battle. The evil within Shifu was too strong to resist so his only choice was to forget, and Daniel was forced to choose another path than that of hatred of the Goa'uld.


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