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The irrepressible Harry Maybourne is living like a king—literally. The self-styled ruler's native idyll is rudely interrupted first by the arrival of Gen. Jack O'Neill and SG-1, and then by Trelak, First Prime to Lord Ares, the Goa'uld laying claim to Harry's lands—and to his people. With Daniel and Teal'c undercover in the royal court, can the wily Maybourne outwit them all?

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Report from Tok'ra Intelligence: The war between Ba'al and the System Lords has reached a critical stage. To escape Ba'al, Lord Ares is fleeing to a planet he once conquered, drained of Naquadah, then abandoned. Coincidently, it's the same planet to which General O'Neill (at that time a colonel) granted his treacherous but likable old buddy, Harry Maybourne, asylum from his enemies on Earth.

O'Neill sends SG-1 to get Harry back so the Goa'uld won't get him. When they arrive, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c are confronted by a medieval hunting party armed with crossbows. They take SG-1 to see their ruler, King Arkhan—who turns out to be none other than Harry Maybourne. Harry knows the Goa'uld are coming and knew that SG-1 would arrive. He claims to be able to "read" the future. His predictions have saved his people from meteor showers, floods and other disasters. Consequently, they made him king—and Harry is loving every minute of it.

What Harry is really reading are engravings, written in the language of the Ancients, carved on the stone walls of the remains of a temple. The writings are a record of the planet's history. They detail major events—some of which haven't happened yet. Daniel translates the part that deals with the present: "The oppressors of old will return and seek dominion over the land." Obviously, the text is referring to the Goa'uld. Daniel continues translating: "But those of another world will come to vanquish evil and restore order once again." Harry has already told his people that SG-1 are those very off-worlders. But Carter tells Harry to pack his bags, because they're just here to relocate him again, not take on a System Lord.

Daniel, upon further inspection of the text, discovers that it was written by an Ancient time-traveler studying the evolution of life on this planet. The text leads them to a small ship—what Maj. Sheppard of the Atlantis team calls a Puddle Jumper—with what appears to be the time-travel device on board. The ship looks operational, so Carter proposes to fly it home through the 'gate. But, being of Ancient design, it can be operated only by one who possesses the Ancient gene.

Enter General Jack O'Neill, who tries to activate the Jumper. It lights up a bit, then shorts out. Ares could be here any minute, so O'Neill orders the Jumper destroyed. As he and Carter see to it, Daniel and Teal'c call in from near the 'gate to report that Ares' forces have arrived. If Carter and O'Neill blow up the Jumper, the explosion will reveal their position. That gives Carter time to get the Jumper flying.

Ares' mothership arrives and starts its descent. Meanwhile, Trelak (Ares' prime) and his soldiers take control of the village. His Jaffa find the Jumper and fire at its door. He then discovers Teal'c and Daniel hiding among the villagers. A fight ensues. Teal'c kills Trelak with his own blade. Garan, a huntress and Harry's loyal thane, leads her men to attack the Jaffa with their crossbows, narrowly rescuing Daniel.

O'Neill gets the Puddle Jumper up and into space, where they encounter Ares' mothership. O'Neill thinks about weapons and two blasts are fired from the Jumper into vital areas of the mothership, causing it to explode.

The "prophecy" has come true—the off-worlders have vanquished the evil.

Harry, who discovers how much his people need and appreciate him despite his not being a prophet, decides not to go home with SG-1. After all—it's good to be king.


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