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Ba'al claims that his clones want him dead and in exchange for protection, he is willing to disclose the location of Merlin's weapon which could prove invaluable against the Ori. Unfortunately, the captured clones get help from someone who is working on Ba'al's behalf from the inside, and things go terribly wrong.

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Because SG-1 still hasn't found the weapon that Merlin invented to destroy Ascended Beings, Daniel has ensconced himself in Merlin's library at Camelot, hoping to uncover more clues. While he's gone, a surprising visitor arrives at Stargate Command: the Goa'uld villain Ba'al.

Ba'al claims to possess vital information regarding the whereabouts of Merlin's weapon; naturally, he demands something in return. As SG-1 knows, he recently manufactured a number of clones of himself. Now he has decided that the clones are nothing but trouble — so he wants SG-1 to track them down and eliminate them.

SG-1, Vala and Gen. Landry all agree that Ba'al is probably lying — for that matter, this man himself might be a clone. Still, they agree that the potential payoff is worth the risk of checking out the Goa'uld's story. To that end, Mitchell, Carter, Teal'c, and Vala track down one of the clones. This is Vala's first official mission through the Stargate, and although her impulsive actions in enemy territory are most definitely unconventional, she succeeds in helping the team capture the clone.

Because that was easy enough, SG-1, SG-12 and SG-14 seize the rest of the clones from their strongholds around the galaxy. Even with all the Ba'als secured in holding cells, however, Stargate Command's best scientists can't tell them apart or determine which one is the original. Each clone insists not only that he is the true Ba'al, but also that he alone possesses the knowledge to find Merlin's weapon.

This bonanza of Ba'als doesn't escape the notice of Stargate Command's civilian overseers, who dispatch Agent Barrett of the N.I.D. to interrogate the prisoners personally. Gen. Landry, however, blocks Barrett from speaking to the cloned Goa'ulds until Stargate Command is done with them. Barrett, infuriated, sneaks into a cell to interrogate one of the prisoners on his own. That Ba'al, however, overpowers Barrett, steals his gun, and escapes.

Within minutes all the Ba'als are loose inside the base. Worse, they capture Carter and Barrett as hostages. In response, Landry orders Dr. Lee to release symbiote poison into the base's ventilation system, but time is running out. The clones demand that Carter give them access to Stargate Command's most sensitive computer files — or they'll kill the other hostages. Carter has no choice but to obey. Having gained what they wanted, the clones prepare to escape by an unexpected route — and with unexpected insider help….


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Production Notes

  • "Alan will tackle episode 4 which sees an old enemy rearing his ugly heads." — Joseph Mallozzi, Gateworld Blog, November 28, 2005.
  • "Alan handed in his best script to date: Insider. Stargate Command is going to have their hands full juggling - well, what does the average person juggle, right? - in this one." — Joseph Mallozzi, Gateworld Blog, January 14, 2006. (Most likely, the SGC will be juggling several of Ba'al's clones.)
  • "I'm contracted for 16 episodes this season," Shanks says. "I'll probably be out of the fourth and fifth episodes and two others later on." — Michael Shanks, Michael Shanks Online Interview, January 2006.
  • "And Cliff Simon was in the office getting ready for a new Baal episode yesterday. What a villainous South African accent that guy has." — Alex Levine, script coordinator, in his blog at scifi.com, March 17, 2006.
  • NID Agent Malcolm Barrett is in this episode, as reported by Gateworld, March 24, 2006.

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