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Eli may have found a way home, but Rush believes the plan could go catastrophically wrong. After experts on Earth decide in favor of Eli’s plan, Rush announces his intention to remain on the ship and calls for volunteers to stay with him.

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Destiny's recent intergalactic battle has left her with serious damage. The scientific team briefs Young about her feeble structure as well as the minimum of supplies they now have. Everyone faces the hard truth that this could be the end of the line - everyone except Eli. Against Rush's protestations, Eli tells Young that, while Ginn was alive, the two of them worked out the calculations for dialing Earth. It's only possible while Destiny is repowering in a star - an event which is close upon them, and which Rush warns against for its plethora of unseen dangers.

Still, it seems to be the crew's only chance for survival, so Young must proceed. After the finest minds on Earth have reviewed Eli's calculations, everyone prepares to go home, but as Rush readies to address the masses, making a final plea for volunteers to stay and complete Destiny's mission to find the intelligence at the foundation of the cosmos, he and Young are called away - a subspace communication was picked up from none other than Rush! The confusion only heightens when the second Rush, in his spare shuttle, is brought aboard and tells a story of the wormhole to Earth turning unstable just after Telford, the forward guard, passed through.

He states that everyone died in the attempt, but he managed to stay behind and get to the shuttle, then, in a freak temporal event, was sent back in time and is able to warn the "young" Destiny not to make the attempt. Young and Telford doubt the veracity of his tale, but they're interrupted when Brody alerts them to the presence of the second Destiny - also sent back in time - and the need to board her in order to gather any supplies she may have that could ensure their survival for at least a little while longer. Telford leads a team, including both Rushes, onto the ship and they gather as many weapons, medical and electrical supplies, and foodstuffs as they can.

On their way back to the young Destiny, the Rushes spot a device that could double their weapons capability. The older Rush attempts to work it free, but while the younger Rush searches for the proper tools, Telford has a heart to heart with the temporal Rush, demanding the truth. They come to blows and Rush shoves Telford into the weapons device, sending a volt of energy through Telford's body that ends his life. Rush, shocked, flees the scene just before his double, accompanied by Scott, arrives. Young orders both men to return to the ship as time is running out, but Rush seeks out - and finds - his other self at the very chair that made Franklin possibly transcend to another plane. The younger Rush demands the truth about the attempt to dial Earth, but the older Rush persists with his story, pressing the younger instead for help: If he's going to sit in the chair and access the wisdom of the Ancients, he needs someone to start the program.

The task done, the younger Rush hurries back to his Destiny. Finding an explanation for how Telford died is pressing, especially since his alternate, who successfully traveled to Earth, wants to use the stones to visit Destiny to find out why the others didn't follow.

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Production Notes

  • "Looks like Linda and I (or, more appropriately given the slotting) will double-team on #10 and #11, leaving Brad to tackle #12." — Joseph Mallozzi, February 11, 2010
  • "Linda and Brad, meanwhile, have started mulling over their fledgling stories." — Joseph Mallozzi, March 5, 2010
  • "And I hear that both Remi and Brad will be putting out their scripts early next week, episodes #9 and #13 [sic]. I really think there should be a rule that prevents a writer from putting out a script until all of the preceding scripts in air order have been released. I’m going to try to regain my writing mojo tonight by having a couple of drinks and forcing the issue." — Joseph Mallozzi, April 23, 2010
  • "Once that’s done, I’ll be moving on to the first draft of Brad’s script, episode #12." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 12, 2010
  • "Brad just put out his final draft of episode #12, Twin Destinies. I love these types of episodes." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 14, 2010
  • "Brad is working on his rewrite of Twin Destinies following our marathon morning mind-bending discussion." — Joseph Mallozzi, May 27, 2010
  • "Also watched Brad’s cut of episode #12, Twin Destinies today. It’s one of those mindbenders that challenges but leaves you feeling very satisfied. And a tad dizzy." — Joseph Mallozzi, June 30, 2010
  • "Brad Wright has penned a new brain-twisting episode where Rush will have to meet up with his own future-self and decide whether or not to trust his future-self's warnings." — IGN SDCC report, July 23, 2010
  • "Rush comes back from the future, and tells people on the ship not to do something, but of course no one listens to him. Robert Carlyle had to play against himself." — Daemon's TV SDCC report, July 23, 2010

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