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Administrator Calder


Administrator Calder was the representative of the people of P3R-118. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")

Character Biography

Administrator Calder was offended when Jack passed judgment on his people's way of life and had SG-1 captured and stamped with alternate personalities so that they would work in the underground power planet which controlled the environment of their domed city, protecting their people from the harsh ice age outside. Jack was not prepared to negotiate with a society which enslaved another group of people.

When General Hammond sent SG-3 to search for SG-1, he began to question the sincerity of Calder's words about SG-1 wanting to go outside of the dome to study it. Maj. Griff of SG-3 called Calder a "damn liar" and General Hammond did not disagree. Even Dr. Fraiser offered to go on a covert rescue operation to retrieve the missing team.

Calder recognized that Brenna, SG-1's supervisor, was beginning to be affected by SG-1's strong personalities. The mind stamps did not work on SG-1 because their brain chemistry was different than the people of the planet. Brenna wanted to improve the efficiency of the plant so that the workers would be treated better, but Calder only wanted limited improvements to the plant which would keep everyone occupied and prevented from ever setting foot in the dome city.

Calder decided that he was going to send SG-1 to the outside of the dome to suffer from exposure. Brenna did her best to help them escape, but Calder shot her, declaring her of no further use. Fortunately for Brenna, Calder only managed to shoot her in the arm and she was taken back with SG-1 to the SGC's infirmary. Jack said that he was going to evacuate the workers and Calder retaliated by saying that he was destroying a way of life. What happened after SG-1 evacuated the underground plant workers (he said he'd take them to a planet with a beach that went on "forever") remains unknown. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")


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