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First Minister Valis


First Minister Valis of the nation Kelowna on the planet Langara was introduced in the episode, 6.07 "Shadow Play".

Character Biography

First Minister Valis led the nation of Kelowna's Defense Council and was in the position to offer Earth three hundred pounds of naquadria in exchange for weapons. SG-1 was not at liberty to trade weapons, but offered medicine instead. Valis refused this offer. His country was about to be overtaken by the other two nations of the planet which had formed an alliance between the two of them, thus making Kelowna outnumbered and outgunned. Valis was desperate to keep the balance of power.

Valis privately offered Jonas Quinn a clean record for stealing some of the naquadria and defecting to Earth after the naquadria bomb test went wrong and killed four Kelownan scientists and Daniel Jackson (5.21 "Meridian"). Valis also wanted Jonas to spy on one of the scientists who developed the bomb, Dr. Kieran, whose behavior had become erratic of late. This behavior was suspicious because other scientists who worked on the naquadria bomb project were also showing signs of the same problem. As it was soon discovered, continued exposure to naquadria causes schizophrenia.

Eventually, SG-1 was led to a stockpile of naquadria which Dr. Kieran had built up in support of a resistance group who were aiming to overthrow the governments of all three nations in the name of peace. Unfortunately, Dr. Kieran's dream of peace was all the result of hallucinations brought about from his mental instability. He had been stockpiling naquadria in an empty warehouse.

SG-1 convinced Valis to let them take Dr. Kieran to Earth for better care. They left Kelowna with Dr. Kieran and his stockpile of naquadria. (6.07 "Shadow Play")

According to Kelownan Commander Hale, Kelowna was left with no alternatives after SG-1 declined to give them weapons, and they used the naquadria bomb on their neighbors. This use caused a terrible lose of life, but it brought all three nations together at the negotiating table. It was at this time that Anubis discovered the existence of naquadria and he invaded Kelowna's capital in search of the substance and all research notes pertaining to its use. According to Hale, Anubis took most of the members of the High Council hostage and executed the First Minister. Although he didn't name who the First Minister was, it could be concluded that Valis was the First Minister killed. (7.02 "Homecoming Part 2")


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