Sheila Jameson

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Sheila Jameson


Sheila Jameson was the wife of Alex Jameson. When her husband started acting cold and distant, she assumed he was having an affair. She hired a private investigator to follow him. The investigator provided her with some preliminary pictures showing Alex with other company executives. Then the investigator got scared off the case, returning Sheila's money and asking for the photos back. Suspicious, Sheila refused to return the photographs. She no longer thought her husband was having an affair, but was concerned about the secret work he was doing.

Later, when Alex went missing while heading to a business meeting in Richmond, Virginia, Sheila filed a missing person’s report and tried to tell the police about her husband's odd behavior. The local authorities did not think the photographs pertinent to their investigation. Eventually, an investigation into Alex's company, Farrow-Marshall, led Dr. Daniel Jackson to Sheila. They met in a restaurant where the distraught woman told her story. She happily provided Dr. Jackson with all of her evidence.


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