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Fred was a philosophical drifter who befriended Ma'chello during his holiday in the body he stole from Daniel Jackson. He joined Ma'chello in a local diner to partake of a celebratory feast which Ma'chello used Daniel's credit card to purchase. After their meal (which included burgers, fries, and ice cream sundaes), Fred gave advice to Ma'chello about finding a mate. As they began their girl-chasing, Ma'chello was arrested to be taken back to the SGC. Fred asked the police officers not to shoot Ma'chello as he tried to run away, believing that he was a war hero who was mentally affected by torture. Ma'chello was apprehended by the police and as he was placed in handcuffs, he spoke to Fred, "You were right, Fred. All good things do come to an end." (2.18 "Holiday")


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