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Goa'uld Zipacna

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Evil Mountain God

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Zipacna was a great giant, the son of the Underworld God Vucub Caquix, the Great Macaw, and brother of the giant Cabrakan. Other gods of the time considered them the most arrogant of all. The hero twins, Hun-Apu and Ixblanque were sent to kill them. The twins were not alone in their quest to slay Zipacna. 400 young men were also spurred by the gods to do away with the giant. They'd managed to lure him to a trap, a large house where a large hole was dug. Having descended into the hole, Zipacna the young men began to fill the hole with rocks and mud. Thinking they'd succeeded in their quest, the men celebrated. However, l

He used his mighty strength and rose up from the ground with such force, that he hurled the boys high into the sky, the creation of the Pleiades star cluster is attributed to this act by Zipacna.

However, this did not stop the hero twins in their quest to slay Zipacna. They lured a hungry Zipacna into a ravine with a model of a crab, his favourite food. Even when they pushed boulders and mountains onto him he continued to struggle. Eventually, they had to magically turn him into stone.

Stargate References

Zipacna was one of Apophis' most loyal underlords.


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