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Yat'yir is a Jaffa who was formerly in service to the Goa'uld Montu. He is now the lieutenant of Gerak, the new leader of the Free Jaffa Nation.

Character Biography

Yat'yir has a decidedly adversarial attitude towards Teal'c and other Free Jaffa who believe in democracy. It is Gerak's and Yat'yir's stance that the Free Jaffa should be ruled by those with the strongest military power. Yat'yir accompanied Gerak to the first meeting that Gen. Landry requested so that they could discuss the alliance between the Free Jaffa and Tau'ri. Yat'yir immediately suspected all of the Tau'ri's motives and questioned their interest in planets which had formerly been ruled by the Goa'uld and had viable naquadah mines. Because naquadah is the foundation for the Goa'uld's technology, and thus, the Free Jaffa's, Yat'yir suspected that the Tau'ri were interested in mining these planets for their own military gain. Teal'c pointed out that these planets had substantial human populations who were in need of help in becoming self-sufficient. Yat'yir immediately questioned Teal'c's loyalty. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

Yat'yir was present when the first Prior of the Ori in the Milky Way Galaxy was brought into the SGC by Col. Mitchell and SG-3 from the planet P3X-421. Gerak wished to hear the Prior's presentation of Origin, the religion of the Ori which promised the Path to Enlightenment (ascension) to all who believed and followed. The Path to Enlightenment has been part of the Jaffa's belief system for thousands of years. While the Prior spoke of Origin and the Ori, Gen. Landry and Col. Mitchell discovered the true threat the Prior posed and quickly put the him under guard. Seeing no way of escape, the Prior set himself on fire and left nothing of himself behind. Gerak was outraged by the SGC's interruption of his investigation into the Prior's threat. Because Yat'yir appears to be of the same mind as Gerak, he was most likely outraged as well and his mistrust for the Tau'ri was most likely intensified. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")


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