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Mrs. Mitchell visiting Cam
Wendy Mitchell in Auburn


Wendy Mitchell is Cameron's mother. She is married to Frank Mitchell.

Character Biography

Mrs. Mitchell visited her son's bedside after the crash in Antarctica that nearly claimed his life. Cameron's recovery was long and difficult, but he had the support of family, friends, and excellent medical professionals. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

Visiting a loved one after a plane crash wasn't new to Mrs. Mitchell. Sometime around 1981, her husband, a test pilot, crashed and became disabled when he lost both of his legs. Cameron was about ten years old when this accident occurred, and witnessing his father's strength and courage to learn to walk again must have given Cameron his own strength to do the same after his crash. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.12 "Collateral Damage")

Mitchell's father said that Cameron was not like his mother, but more like himself in that he was always looking to the horizon, looking for something more. (9.12 "Collateral Damage")

Mitchell's mother was much more vivacious when Cam and Vala stayed with her and her husband during Cam's high school reunion (10.15 "Bounty"). Although shocked at first when Vala led the Mitchells to believe she and Cameron were in a serious and very sexually active relationship, Wendy Mitchell took it in stride and made up the guest room for them both. She noted to Cameron she lived through the sixties, and there were stories she could tell herself. Although Mitchell found that possibility highly disturbing, Vala was sincerely interested. Vala also appreciated Wendy's pie making abilities, and willingly accepted a pie to take for the road.

Wendy and her husband Frank Mitchell have lived on a farm in Auburn, Kansas since at least the mid 1980s.


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