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[[Category:Technology]]{| align="left"
[[Category:Technology]]{| align="left"
|valign="top"|[[Image:81705.jpg|thumb|170px|left|The weapon in the monument]][[Image:Dakara12.jpg|thumb|170px|left|The energy wave spreading out from Dakara]]
|valign="top"|[[Image:81705.jpg|thumb|170px|left|The weapon in the monument]][[Image:Dakara12.jpg|thumb|170px|left|The energy wave spreading out from Dakara]]

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{| align="left"


The weapon in the monument
The energy wave spreading out from Dakara


The weapon on Dakara is a device built by the Ancients capable of creating or destroying life.

Stargate References

The Ancients occupied Dakara at the time when a plague nearly wiped them out, along with other life in the galaxy, between five and ten million years ago. The Ancients used the device, which was situated inside a large statue of a man, to recreate life in the galaxy.

When the Replicators came to the Milky Way, there was a large battle between the Replicators and the Goa’uld. The Rebel Jaffa took this opportunity to seize Dakara from the Goa’uld. The Tau’ri saw that this weapon could be dangerous, and planned to destroy it. However, soon after, the SGC and its allies realised that the Replicators were on the verge of taking over the galaxy and saw the potential of the weapon to help in that struggle. Carter and Jacob/Selmak, with the help of Daniel's notes, learned more about the device and how it might be adapted, and they convinced the others that they should try to use it as a weapon against the Replicators.

The device emits an energy wave, which can be calibrated to a precise frequency. It was discovered that it could be modified to send out a wave that only affected the Replicators. The Replicator Disruptor, designed by Jack O’Neill, was used to help calibrate the device, and it was adjusted to within a margin of the frequency.

Ba’al helped to reprogram the Stargate and DHD, to open every Stargate in the galaxy at once. The wave was sent out and all the Replicators were destroyed.

After the Replicator threat was gone, Anubis planned to retake Dakara and use the device to destroy all life in the galaxy using Ba’al’s modifications to the Stargate. Daniel found out about the plan while on a different plane of existence with Oma and tried to get the other ascended beings to stop Anubis.

The Rebel Jaffa lost Dakara to the Kull Warriors. O’Neill put the SGC on self-destruct when an incoming wormhole was established, believing it to be Anubis using the weapon. Oma stopped Anubis from using the weapon, and the self-destruct was stopped.

The Rebel Jaffa defeated the Kull Warriors occupying Dakara, and decided to destroy the device.


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