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== Overview ==
The Quantum Mirror is a device created by an unknown race that permits nearly instantaneous travel between two dimensions.
According to Dr. Sam Carter, "Okay the theory is, that there a infinite number of alternate realities. Some are very different, and some are almost identical." "There But For The Grace Of God."
"...according to
quantum theory, for every possible universe, there are an infinite number of
variations, diverging at every choice we make like forks in a road..." Point of View
== How the Quantum Mirror Works ==
The Quantum Mirror, made of naquadah (a quartzite metal that's not found on Earth and the same material as the stargates)
The mirror requires a hand-held controller to activate and control the device.  When the mirror is off, the surface is non-reflective.  When it is on, it displays the alternate universe.
The device allows the user to "dial" through the connected universes. The view of surroundings of the "receiving" quantum mirror is displayed.
When the person touches the mirror, there is a flash of light and they are tranported into the selected alternate universe and are now looking at their originating universe.
As long as it is turned on, you are connected to the same reality.
If the quantum mirror is "turned off" Then the mirror is reset and you need to dial again to find your originating universe.  You can control the increments the controller dials.
===Side Effects ===
If a person stays in the alternate reality more than 48 hours, they begin to experience "Entropic cascade failure" on the cellular level. It is caused by the increased entropy of two people existing in the same reality.  The visiting person literally begin to distort. It looks like a video that has gone out of focus. The more time passes, the worse it gets.
It is very painful. (3.06 Point of View)
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