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My Stargate SG-1 History

I started watching Stargate SG-1 when they played the Season One episodes in syndication in the United States. I didn't have Showtime back then, and still don't. :)

So, anyway, I'd catch a few episodes now and then. They weren't shown very regularly, but I was familiar with the characters enough to follow some of the stories. I had no idea about story arcs in those days and understanding the episodes as they stood alone was very discouraging. At that point, I really didn't care if I would catch it or not. I didn't want to invest in a program if I couldn't watch it regularly.

Then, the Sci-Fi Channel started showing Season Six. I watched the first episode with great excitement. But wait, what happened to DANIEL??!!! I said, "Stargate is not Stargate without Daniel Jackson!"

Even so, I thought I'd give the show a chance. It would fill in my Friday nights with some entertainment after a long hard week. They'd mention Daniel every now and then and that got me to wondering what in the world are they talking about? He's gone? What glass?

I gave each episode in Season Six a try and, believe me when I tell you this, I was shocked at what had happened to Daniel by the time Abyss aired! Mixed feelings, let me tell you.

Then I heard the advertisements that Michael Shanks was returning. So, I got online and started an investigation and found the Save Daniel Jackson website and found some interesting reading, if you ask me.

I finally got to see all of the episodes from start to finish and have recorded each one of them (from Sci-Fi's Monday Night Block and from syndication, when I can catch it). I joined a few forums and eventually came to hear that the Solutions website was needing some help to get content going. So, here I am.

I have also entered the realm of fanfic writers. I've got stories submitted under my Stargate penname DeeKayP in StargateFan and All my stories are in the GEN category. :)

Wacky Wiki Whacking

I was one of the first team members to fall into the wiki whacking stage. I call it that because, at first, it seemed rather odd to me. This whole openness thing really got this old-software-engineer-who-used-to-work-in-a-secure-environment rather ruffled. But, after playing with the thing, I have come to terms with it and we are now getting along famously.

My Work Here Is Never Done

You'll see articles which have my signature at the bottom within the Stargate SG-1 Wikipedia. Now, first off, those signatures may or may not mean that I actually wrote the thing, so be gentle in your comments. ;)

My signature on the bottom of the articles means that you could contact me if you have some problems, suggestions, corrections, etc., for it.

I hope you have fun with using this great resource!