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Tynehead Park in Surrey, Greater Vancouver is frequently used for Stargate filming.

In July 2004, Cathy Holroyd was at the park to take shots of the outdoor sets for the Season 8 episode “It’s Good to be King”.

In return for kind permission and assistance from the liaison officer and the crew, we agreed not to release these shots until the episode had been broadcast. This is because they contain a spoiler for something which will affect future episodes: do not read any further if you haven’t seen “It’s Good to be King”.

It's Good To Be King

This map shows you where in the park to find the locations used in “It’s Good to be King,” “Fallen,” and “Avenger 2.0”. If you would like to visit, the entrance is on 168th Street and the park is open from 8am to 5pm, and sometimes stays open later.

In this episode, Maybourne shows SG-1 these stones with Ancient text on them. This one contains prophecies which Maybourne has been using to his advantage. Of course, they are not really stone at all; look at the top corner of this one which obviously got damaged.

Puddle Jumper

The puddle jumper used for location shooting is smaller than its studio counterpart because it has to fit on a truck; when you see the SG-1 team members inside the puddle jumper, they are in the studio version since it has more room inside. However, any outside shots were taken at Tynehead park. The puddle jumper was covered in fake foliage and fronds ready for SG-1 to search for it. Actually, it was placed very close to the Stargate as you can see in this shot; look for the lines of light green fronds to see where the jumper is hidden.


The Stargate used for location shooting is the same size as the Stargate at Bridge, but does not rotate. Cathy took pictures you don’t often see: the back, inside and outside edge of the Stargate and the inside of a DHD.

Avenger 2.0

Cathy also photographed the bridge used in "Avenger 2.0". This is where Felger goes to feed the ducks – whether they are there or not - and where Sam helps him to work out what has gone wrong with his virus.


Somewhere in the fields near the Stargate is the area where Daniel descended in "Fallen" and where he is later found walking. Michael Shanks is still entertainingly bitter about having to do a nearly-nude scene in public in “a dog-walking park” in the cold.

Please browse through the photogalleries to see all of Cathy’s shots.

All photographs are by Cathy Holroyd; galleries and text by Sally Allan. and Alison


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