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Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet


Thor in Hologram on Cimmeria


Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Thunor, Donar

Presides Over


Earth Mythological References

Thor is a son of Odin and Jord, and one of the most powerful gods. Married to Sif, a fertility goddess, he also has a mistress, the giantess Jarnsaxa ("iron cutlass"). Their sons are Magni and Modi and his daughter is Thrud. Thor is helped by Thialfi, his servant and the messenger of the gods.

Thor is typically portrayed as a large, powerful man with a red beard and eyes of lighting. Despite his ferocious appearance, he was very popular as the protector of both gods and humans against the forces of evil. He even surpassed his father Odin in popularity because, contrary to Odin, he did not require human sacrifices. In his temple at Uppsala he was shown standing with Odin at his right side. This temple was replaced by a Christian church in 1080.

The Norse believed that during a thunderstorm, Thor rode through the heavens on his chariot pulled by the goats Tanngrisni ("gap-tooth") and Tanngnost ("tooth grinder"). Lightning flashed whenever he threw his hammer Mjollnir. Thor wears the belt Megingjard which doubles his already considerable strength. His hall is Bilskirnir, which is located in the region Thrudheim ("place of might"). His greatest enemy is Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent. At the day of Ragnarok, Thor will kill this serpent but will die from its poison. His sons will inherit his hammer after his death.

Donar is his Teutonic equivalent, while the Romans see in him their god Jupiter. Thursday is named after him.

Stargate References

Thor is a god to the Cimmerian people. He has protected them from the Etins (Goa'uld) via the use of Thor's Hammer, a device that scans visitors who pass through the Stargate and quickly transports anyone implanted with a Goa'uld (including Jaffa), sending them to an underground labyrinth with an doorway through which a Goa'uld cannot pass. Teal'c is scanned and before he is dispatched with, Jack grabs him and they are both transported to the labyrinth. Carter and Daniel, led by former Goa'uld host, Kendra, find the mountain exit and Jack and Teal'c trapped within. Teal'c's only hope for freedom is the destruction of the Hammer and Jack tells Daniel it must be done. Knowing the Hammer is Shau'ri's only known hope of being free of the Goa'uld, Daniel sadly destroys the Hammer using Teal'c's staff weapon to save Teal'c. (Thor's Hammer)

With the Hammer destroyed, Cimmeria is now vulnerable to Goa'uld attack and Heru'ur wastes no time. Gairwyn sends the Sagan box through to the SGC and pleads for help to save them from the Etins. SG-1 go back and attempt to seek out Thor himself to try and restore the Hammer. Passing a series of tests, Daniel, Carter and Gairwyn finally meet Thor, but he is merely a hologram. Eventually, they manage to contact the real Thor - a Roswell alien grey - and tell him about the destruction of the Hammer as well as Heru'ur's attack. They ask for his help. SG-1 surrender to the Horus guard to spare the Cimmerians, but soon afterwards, a huge spaceship appears in the sky. Soon Jaffa are being zapped into nothingness under the assault from the ship, along with the Goa'uld pyramids being built for Heru'ur's stronghold. Heru'ur escapes through the Stargate and Gairwyn reports from Thor the Hammer will be restored with an exception for the one called Teal'c. (Thor's Chariot)

O'Neill is spirited away by Thor in the midst of a promotion ceremony for Major Carter. Thor has a proposal: to have Earth become one of the Asgard Protected Planets. In order to achieve Protected Planet status, however, a meeting must be convened with representatives of Earth and a delegation of Goa'uld. Thor would facilitate the meeting. Initially, the meeting does not go well. Goa'uld arrogance (not to mention their outrageous demands), along with O'Neill's clumsy diplomacy make treaty negotiations very difficult, and things look bad for achieving Protected Planet status. (Fair Game)

The Asgard enemy more fierce than the Goa'uld is revealed: mechanical bugs known as Replicators. O'Neill is again spirited away to Thor's ship in Earth's orbit where he encounters these strange metallic bugs and finds a dying Thor. Too weak to explain, Thor directs O'Neill to his control panel to view a recorded explanation of the situation. Thor's ship is infested with replicators which replicate themselves using the advanced materials and technologies they find, and the Replicators are intent on Earth as their next target. Thinking this to be a mission he will not return from, O'Neill appears in the SGC briefing room to explain the situation and to request lost of explosives. To his dismay, O'Neill not only gets his explosives, but his team, too, as they try and figure out a way to prevent the Replicators from gaining a foothold on Earth. (Nemesis)

Thor's ship had broken up during its descent into Earth's atmosphere, however, SG-1 and Thor managed to escape the ship via Stargate. Thor was in a statis pod to sustain his life and he was retrieved on the planet to which they'd gated. Recovered fully, Thor returns to Earth through the Stargate, just after it is reported one of the Replicators survived the ship's destruction and has killed the crew of a Russian submarine and is now rapidly replicating itself. O'Neill asks for Thor's help, however, he can't, as there are no ships to spare from the Asgard's own battle with the Replicators. Instead, it is Thor who asks for help since it seems Tauri projectile weapons are quite effective. With O'Neill and Teal'c dispatched to go after the bugs on the Russian sub, Carter is sent off to help Thor find a way to battle the Replicators with Asgard. (Small Victories)



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