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"I think we have an ability to reach a huge audience and take these questions that we could experience; race, religion, cultural boundaries and it won't offend anybody because we're talking about aliens and we're not talking about specific religions. We do have an episode coming up called Faith and it explores the idea of faith and possibly the Ancients as saviours. We're not talking about a Messiah of one particular religion, we're speaking about the idea of believing that something greater than us exists and I think that's a really great topic to talk about and not to go over to war over. So yeah, it's absolutely my favourite part of the genre. We are military based as well and we've got to watch yourself in that regard, but I think it's safe to say that you can sort of challenge that and I think we see a little bit of that too, again in Faith when some of us are like "what are we doing?" you know, "why are we here?" and you kind of go back and forth, you then have the realisation that we need a ruler we can't have a majority vote, it's not going to work that way, but does it? And I think that transcends to a lot of the issues that we have going on in the world right now." — Alaina Huffman, Moviehole interview (August 2009)

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