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Commander Tegar


Commander Tegar was the military leader of the planet Pangar and was introduced in the episode, 6.10 "Cure". He was prepared to lead his people to Goa'uld-occupied worlds in order to obtain a new queen symbiote to replace the one they discovered in stasis some 60 years ago in a temple on their planet. This queen, the Tok'ra Egeria, produced offspring that the Pangarans used to manufacture the miracle drug, Tretonin. Commander Tegar was at first very reluctant to be open with SG-1, but soon found that SG-1 offered his people a chance to live free of the negative side effects of the drug by introducing the Tok'ra to the Pangarans. Tens of thousands of Pangarans were saved by the cure that the Tok'ra Queen Egeria offered as an antidote to the side effects she had actually placed in her offspring on purpose.


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