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Pharrin talks to Keenin as they leave Talthus


Talthus was the original homeworld of the people of the Stromos. It apparently was destroyed when a dark star passed too close to the sun, creating a solar flare that engulfed the planet.


  • Names and Designations: Talthus
  • Number of Suns: Two, one being a dark star
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: No address
  • Introduced in Episode: 7.06 "Lifeboat"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Equivalent to or slightly ahead of Earth technology
  • Main Interest: planet destroyed/humanitarian
  • Influenced/Dominated by: People of Talthus
  • History of Stargate: No evidence of Stargate; people left by ship

Geopolitical Structure and History

Nothing is known of the early history of Talthus. The planet’s situation was described by the survivors of a crashed ship, the Stromos, who had evacuated the planet. Most of the survivors’ explanations dealt with the destruction of the planet and concern about their current situation. However, from their interactions with members of Stargate Command (the SGC), some information may be gleaned as to their society.

Talthus had a very clear class structure. The highest class appeared to be the Sovereigns. They were both political rulers of the planet and treated like royalty, often surrounded by their own staff. The crew of the ships swore an oath of fealty to protect the Sovereigns and follow their will. This oath later created a moral dilemma for Pharrin, an officer of the Stromos, which he subsequently solved by accepting the many lives he was saving was a higher duty than his oath to the Sovereign.

The scientists on Talthus noted the orbit of a dark star in their system would draw too close to the sun. This proximity would cause the sun to flare so intensely that the solar flare would engulf the planet. As Keenin later described to Dr. Fraiser: “ I knew my whole life that the world was gonna end.”

Moved by desperation, the citizens mobilized and built three star-ships to evacuate Talthus. Each ship could hold over one thousand passengers, but there was not enough room for all of the population. A lottery was created as the only fair way to determine who would get a place onboard. Keenin explained that though all the Sovereigns were chosen, his mother was not. Through his innocent words, it is safe to assume that the lottery was rigged in a way that the ruling class guaranteed themselves passage. Another concession was to the officers of the crew that manned the vessels. Each officer was allowed to bring one family member with them. Officer Pharrin chose his young son, Keenin at the behest of his wife.

The Talthus people had not mastered faster-than-light travel, but used a different technology to travel between star systems. They put themselves in a type of stasis, and the ship maneuvered automatically. The Stromos and two other vessels left the planet to travel to a new home, Ardena, in a distant star system. As far as is known, Talthus and the people left behind were destroyed.

Stargate Glyphs

From the testimony of the survivors aboard the Stromos, it is doubtful Talthus had a Stargate.


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