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The following article contains SPOILERS. Proceed at your own risk.

Updated to: 1.10 "Justice"

Icarus Base and Destiny

Currently Active: Major Characters

Col. Everett Young - As a life-long military man Col. Young has had difficulty hanging up his wings. When he signs on for one more mission, it pushes his already strained marriage to the breaking point. Young is not one to assign high risk missions to others and he is often at odds with Dr. Rush. (From MGM)
Camile Wray - Human resources executive Wray finds herself the highest ranking member of the International Oversight Committee (IOA) onboard the Destiny. Like many of those stranded on the ship, she is devastated by the separation from loved ones back on Earth. (From MGM)
Lt. Matthew Scott - Scott is a new member to the Stargate team with a troubled past. He is completely unprepared when he is thrust into a leadership role at a time of crisis. Scott struggles to maintain accord between those who have different agendas. (From MGM)
Lt. Tamara Johansen - Unable to afford medical school, this strong willed medic was days away from leaving the program when she found herself the only one with any medical training on board the Destiny. She has to contend with a difficult and secret history with someone who is also on board. (From MGM)
MSgt. Ronald Greer - A military man with a short fuse and no apologies, Greer has a mysterious past that has yet to be revealed. (From MGM)
Eli Wallace - A total slacker, who just happens to be an utter genius with anything he puts his mind to - mathematics, computers, video games. A lack of confidence has left him with an acerbic sense of humor. (From MGM)
Chloe Armstrong - Chloe is both the daughter of and aide to U.S. Senator Alan Armstrong, the head of an organization that exists to oversee funding for the Stargate Program. She was responsible for influencing the decision to continue financial support for research into the ninth chevron. She has a wild streak and is closer to her father than to her mother. (From MGM)

Currently Active: Supporting Characters

2nd Lt. Vanessa James - Stranded on the Destiny, Lt. James also had a sexual relationship with Lt. Matthew Scott while they were assigned to Icarus Base. As one of the few officers aboard the Destiny, James leads military teams as assigned. Her first away team served in the search and rescue capacity. She was one of those selected by lottery to survive on a nearby planet when the Destiny appeared to be on a fatal collision course with a sun, but that event proved to be a false alarm and she returned to the ship to resume her duties.
Airman Darren Becker - He worked in the mess on Icarus Base and is now stranded on the Destiny. His number one duty is to ration out the food and water at mealtimes, which are done in small groups scheduled twenty minutes apart. He was one of the people chosen in the lottery to survive the presumed destruction of the Destiny when it was on a collision course with a sun, but, fortunately, that was a false alarm and he returned to the Ancients' ship to once again serve protein powder meals in the mess.
Dr. Lisa Park - She is versed in Ancient technology and led a team to explore some of the systems aboard the Destiny. She's familiar with the control consoles in the Destiny's 'gate room, and she was the lead in repairing the "space suits" left behind by the Ancients. She was also one of the people chosen by lottery to survive the Destiny's collision with a sun, but that proved to be a false alarm.
Dr. Dale Volker - He is an astrophysicist who is stranded on Destiny. He suffered a broken arm in the evacuation of Icarus Base, but this hasn't kept him from working wherever he is needed. Col. Young believes that Volker should be kept up-to-date with what's going on with the Destiny, so he assigned him to work with Dr. Rush. Unfortunately, Rush prefers to work with Eli Wallace or to work alone rather than have Volker there. Rush intimidates Volker and shakes his self-confidence.
Adam Brody - Brody is an engineer and knows how to read Ancient. He is used mostly in determining the function of various computer systems. His translations are sometimes incorrect, but for the most part, he is very competent at what he does. He was one of those chosen by lottery to board the only working shuttle and survive on a nearby planet when the Destiny appeared to be on a catastrophic collision course with a sun. Fortunately, that proved to be a false alarm, and Brody returned with the others to the Destiny. Brody decided to support Dr. Rush after his friend Riley was injured trying to make sure that Col. Telford's science team didn't blow up the Destiny during their attempt to channel energy to the Stargate while the Destiny recharged its reserves inside a sun's corona.
Dr. Boone - Dr. Boone was among those who was selected by lottery to board the Ancient Shuttle bound for a nearby planet to escape the presumed imminent destruction of the Destiny when it was on a collision course with a star. It turned out that the Destiny was merely recharging its reserves by flying through the sun's corona, so everyone on the Shuttle returned to the large ship. Boone was excited to later hear that Rush had found an Icarus-type planet a year away and told Camile Wray about it, but as it turned out, Rush had faked the data so that people's morale would be uplifted. Boone was on hand to wait in the Stone Room aboard the Destiny to supervise Col. Young's session when the link was inexplicably severed. He couldn't find anything technically wrong with the stones, not knowing that Col. Telford had called into the lab on Earth to severe the connection because an enraged Young was about to attack him while he was spending time with Young's wife Emily.
Dr. Caine - Dr. Caine was on the first away team led by a civilian, chosen by Camile Wray who had taken command of the Destiny during Young's "trial" for the murder of Sgt. Spencer. The team, led by Dr. Dale Volker, went to a planet with a rocky canyon that looked like it had nothing to offer...until they came upon a crashed space ship. Caine detected no EM fields or radiation emanating from the alien vessel, and the rest of the team could find no immediate means of entry. The team returned to the Destiny when Young and Rush arrived, so none of them were present to witness that Young had purposefully left Rush behind on the planet when the Destiny's countdown ended and it resumed its course without him aboard.

Severely Injured: Uncertain Prognosis

Sgt. Hunter Riley - He was the 'gate technician on Icarus Base and has taken the same role on Destiny. He also facilitates the use of the communications stones and has access to the ship's food and water supply. He, too, was one of the people chosen by lottery to survive the Destiny's collision with a sun, but fortunately, that was the way the ship normally recharges its reserve. Riley had just celebrated his 30th birthday when he was gravely injured in an explosion while trying to seal a coolant leak on the ship.
Dr. Jeremy Franklin - He assisted in the surveying of the Destiny and sealing leaks. He was one of the members of the first away team to a planet selected by the Destiny to help in the ship's air system repairs. When he was about to follow Andrea Palmer and Sgt. Curtis to another planet, Rush ordered Greer to shoot him to prevent him from stepping through the Stargate to certain death. Lt. Tamara Johansen removed the bullet that had lodged in his right shoulder. He doesn't trust people in authority now that their food and water are being rationed, but has participated in away missions to gather food as well as to manage the hydroponics lab to grow food. Just after spotting the first sprout, Franklin decided to sit in the chair version of the Ancient Repository of Knowledge that was found in a newly discovered portion of the ship. Not meant for humans, whose physiology is somewhat different than that of the Ancients, Franklin effectively fried his brain and he was left in a catatonic state.

Missing, Dead, or Presumed Dead

Andrea Palmer - As a geologist, she was an important member of the first away team to a planet visited by the Destiny in search of lime for the air scrubbing system. Thinking that the desert planet they were on didn't have the needed lime, Palmer and Curtis overrode the lock the Destiny had placed on a nearby planet and stepped through the Stargate. They didn't answer their radios afterwards and the Destiny resumed its pre-programmed course, leaving them behind and without a dialing device. (SGU 1.03 "Air Part 3")
Sgt. Curtis - Among the stranded on the Destiny, Curtis led a group to survey the Ancient ship, but as a member of the first away team, he was stranded on a planet with Andrea Palmer when the two of them overrode the lock-out code to another planet identified by the Destiny as a possible location for the lime that was needed in the air scrubbing systems aboard the Ancient ship. (SGU 1.03 "Air Part 3")
Marine Cpl. Gorman - He was among the survivors who ended up on the Destiny, and was a member of one of the first away teams sent to a planet visited by the ship, under the command of Lt. James. Later, Col. Young assigned Gorman to investigate the Destiny's weapons capabilities. While on his way to the 'gate room to unload ice for the water supply, Gorman encountered the "dust devil" entities from the Destiny's first off-world mission and, feeling threatened, shot at them. They retaliated by attacking him, the effect being like thousands of tiny razors. Unfortunately, his wounds were too severe to be effectively treated and he died a few hours later. (SGU 1.06 "Water")
Sgt. Spencer - Spencer was probably one of the most tightly-wound people aboard the Destiny. He was eager to get home and looked out only for himself. He hoarded power bars and water when these items were being rationed. He attempted to start a riot during the lottery to select those who would survive on the shuttle when the Destiny appeared to be on a fatal collision course into a sun. Sgt. Greer struck him so hard that he lost consciousness and remained so long after the lottery was completed. He was caught hoarding and locked up by Lt. Johansen when Young was off-world, but the colonel let him out with a warning. A week after running out of a prescription sleeping medication, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with his service handgun. He left a kino recording, stating, "These people don't even realize they're inside a big, floating coffin. I wish I could come up with something better to say. I'm sorry." (SGU 1.10 "Justice")
Dr. Nicholas Rush - Since the loss of his wife, Rush's dedication to science and his desire to explore the mysteries of the ninth chevron have overridden all else, at any cost. He alone is to blame for the situation that has flung everyone to the far reaches of the universe, without a way home. Even in his solitude, he is without remorse. (From MGM) After Col. Young discovered that Rush was the one who tried to frame him for the death of Sgt. Spencer, the two men got into a fight on a planet where a crashed spaceship was located. Young knocked Rush unconscious and stranded him there, telling the people back on the Destiny that Rush "didn't make it" because he fell during a rock slide. To those on the Destiny, Rush is gone for good because the ship resumed its preprogrammed course and he has no way to return to it through the planet's Stargate. (SGU 1.10 "Justice")

Homeworld Command and Stargate Program


Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill - Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill is the first leader of the legendary SG-1 and now heads Homeworld Security. His headquarters at Homeworld Command in the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., oversees the rescue effort to bring home those stranded so very, very far away aboard the Ancient ship Destiny.
Col. Samantha Carter - She holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics and is the foremost expert on the technology of the Stargate, having upgraded the dialing computer program to dial the Stargate at Stargate Command without the use of a Dial Home Device. She was one of the original members of SG-1, became its leader for one year, became the head of R&D for a brief while at Area 51, rejoined SG-1 during the war with the Ori, became the leader of Atlantis Base, and then was given the command of the Daedalus-Class starship U.S.S. George Hammond. Hers was the only ship to defend Icarus Base when it was attacked.
Col. David Telford - Stubborn and supremely confident, Colonel Telford is the head of the team that was selected to take the first journey through the Stargate using the ninth chevron. He is a life-long, highly skilled military man who is also an F-302 pilot. (From MGM)
Maj. Peterson - As a member of O'Neill's Homeworld Command at the Pentagon, Maj. Peterson acts as liaison and escort whenever someone from the Destiny uses the Ancient Communications Stones in a body-swapping session. He paves the way in briefing the loved one on how the body swap works. One such occasion was when he escorted Col. Everett Young when he visited his wife Emily for the first time after being stranded on the Destiny.
Maj. Green - As a member of O'Neill's Homeworld Command at the Pentagon, Maj. Green has a similar position as Maj. Peterson. His first time to act as escort was when Chloe Armstrong swapped bodies with Dr. Mehta in order to see her mother and to give her the grave news that Sen. Armstrong had heroically sacrificed his life.


Dr. Daniel Jackson - Dr. Jackson is the brilliant archaeologist who opened the Stargate over a decade ago and made the Stargate Program possible. He joined SG-1 upon its inception and found the Lost City of the Ancients, Atlantis. He's considered the world's foremost expert on the Ancients, the advanced race of humans who built the Destiny so very long ago. He was selected to host the orientation videos aimed at those who were new to the Stargate Program and the Icarus Project.
Dr. Mehta - She works beside Col. Telford at Homeworld Command and accompanied him to the Destiny via the Ancient Communications Stones when Col. Young and Chloe Armstrong first used them. Chloe used Mehta's body to visit her mother to tell her of the Senator's heroic death.
Dr. Williams - He's one of the scientists working on the problem of getting people home who are stranded on the Destiny. Working with Dr. McCormack, he proposed that they could divert the power that the Destiny was harvesting from a sun during a recharge so that they could dial Earth. Williams used Eli Wallace's body in a communication stone link to oversee the procedure, which was backed by the IOA and the President. Rush staged an impending catastrophic overload in order to get Col. Telford, Williams, and McCormack off of the ship because he felt that their "experiment" was going to kill everyone. Col. Young, who reported back that they managed to stop the overload, promised to share their findings. In an investigation conducted by Eli Wallace at Young's behest, it was discovered that this plan would have actually destroyed the Destiny just as Rush had predicted.
Dr. McCormack - Working with Dr. Williams, Dr. McCormack proposed a highly risky procedure to channel the energy from a sun while the Destiny was recharging its reserves in order to give the Stargate on the Ancient ship enough power to dial Earth. The IOA backed up this procedure and so did the President of the United States, so McCormack used a communication stone to swap bodies with Chloe Armstrong to join Col. Telford and Dr. Williams aboard the ship. But Dr. Rush and several of the other stranded individuals aboard Destiny didn't trust that Williams and McCormack had enough knowledge of the current condition of the Destiny to say that it would work without killing everyone aboard, so they staged an imminent overload to get the scientists off of their ship. Eli Wallace's study of the test results proved that Dr. Rush's assertion was indeed correct.
Dr. Eleanor Perry - She is a brilliant scientist who uses the communication stones to board the Destiny in order to help save the ship after one of the FTL engines explodes and damages it. (Derived from casting call from Spoiler TV for "Sabotage")

U.S. Government and International Oversight Advisory (IOA)

Sen. Alan Armstrong - He was the distinguished Senator who had the political oversight to the Icarus Project. He was also the proud loving father of Chloe Armstrong, who was also his political aide. Senator Armstrong sacrificed his life in order to give those stranded on the Destiny more time to figure out the problem with the Ancient ship's air supply.
Dale Strom - IOA representative and Camile Wray's supervisor, Dale Strom believes that the IOA should have full control of the Destiny. He does everything he can to see that this becomes a reality.

Loved Ones Left Behind on Earth

Emily Young - She is Col. Everett Young's wife who was upset when her husband took the position as the Icarus Base commander. When Young visited her in Col. Telford's body, Emily could barely take in the news of her husband's situation. Not knowing if or when Everett will return home, Emily seemed ready to divorce him on the spot, but she wished him well and that he would remain safe. When Young came back for another visit, Emily was more sympathetic with his situation and even had sexual intercourse with him while he was in Col. Telford's body. Telford later attempted to put a wedge between Young and Emily by telling Emily that Young had resumed his affair with Lt. Tamara Johansen on the Destiny.
Maryann Wallace - She is Eli's mother and was a nurse. She became HIV positive when Eli was 14 years old (he was 25 when first stranded on the Destiny) after she was accidentally stuck by a needle while trying to restrain a drug addict in the emergency room. Her husband, Eli's father, couldn't handle it and left. Her medical condition drained the family's finances. One of the reasons why Eli took the job on the Icarus Project was to help his mother cover the medical expenses, which the U.S. Air Force promised to do. Eli got to visit his mother via the communication stones, but chose to impersonate a co-worker rather than cause his mother more pain. Ms. Wallace told the visitor to let Eli know that she misses him and is proud of him.
Mrs. Armstrong - She is Sen. Armstrong's wife and Chloe Armstrong's mother. When Chloe told her that the Senator was dead, Mrs. Armstrong comforted herself with several glasses of alcohol. She threatened Maj. Green, Chloe's military escort, that she'd make the Stargate Program public if Chloe wasn't returned home safely. Mrs. Armstrong kept up-to-date with her daughter's situation, and when Chloe was permitted another visit, she provided Chloe with comfort and showed more strength and determination.
Sharon - Sharon is Camile Wray's 12-year life partner. Camile had the chance to visit with Sharon while in the body of a service woman using the Ancient Communication Stones and the two spent the day trying to act as normally as possible. At the end of the day, Sharon reassured Camile that she'd be there waiting for her return.
Annie Balic - When she was 16, she became pregnant with Matthew Scott's child, but didn't tell him that she decided to go ahead and have the baby (he thought she would have an abortion). Several years later and after Scott was marooned on the Destiny, Scott found out that he had a son. He offered to financially support Annie and their son Matt so that Annie could quit her job as a dancer and go back to school to become a lawyer. Annie told him that she liked being a dancer and seemed to lack the confidence to return to school.
Matthew Balic - Matthew is the illegitimate son of Lt. Matthew Scott and Annie Balic. When Scott visited Matt and his mother through the use of the Ancient Communication Stones, young Matt didn't realize that he was meeting his father for the first time. Since Scott thought that up to this point that he had no living relatives, he was greatly affected by the knowledge that he had a son back on Earth while he had no way of effectively being the young boy's father.