Stargate Atlantis: Season Three

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Stargate Atlantis Season Three Episode Guides

3.01 "No Man's Land Part 2"
Sheppard's ship vanishes during a space melee against the Wraith. Meanwhile, Weir is recalled to Stargate Command as Col. Caldwell leads a mission to keep the Wraith from reaching Earth.

Guide | Transcript
3.02 "Misbegotten Part 3"
Richard Woolsey travels to Atlantis to evaluate Dr. Weir's leadership. Meanwhile, Dr. Beckett and Sheppard are at odds over what to do with the former Wraith transformed into humans by the retrovirus.

Guide | Transcript
3.03 "Irresistible"
The team searches for Stargates to harvest for an intergalactic bridge, and encounters a charming alchemist who beguiles Dr. Beckett.

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3.04 "Sateda"
While on an exploratory mission, Ronon is taken prisoner by villagers who made a pact with the Wraith. Meanwhile, Sheppard and Teyla rally the team to rescue their comrade.

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3.05 "Progeny"
An advanced civilization is accidentally discovered during the team's investigation of a purportedly abandoned Ancient testing site, prompting Weir to broker an alliance with the society's leader, Oberoth.

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3.06 "The Real World"
Dr. Weir has a rude awakening in a psychiatric hospital on Earth, where she is told that her memories of Atlantis are delusions.

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