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* Owner and Manager: [[User:Alison|Alison]]
* Owner and Manager: [[User:Alison|Alison]]
* Administrator and Sysop: [[User:Michelle|Michelle]]
* Administrator and Sysop: [[User:Michelle|Michelle]]
* Sr. Editor: [[User:DeeKayP|DeeKayP]]
* Sr. Editors: [[User:DeeKayP|DeeKayP]] and [[User:Aurora|Aurora]]

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Stargate SG-1 Solutions resulted from the effort to return Dr. Daniel Jackson to the team — an effort which spawned a tremendous growth in interest in the TV series, Stargate SG-1. As a result of this growth of interest, the Stargate Wiki was created to offer you some of the most thoroughly-researched SG-1 articles available on the Internet.

The goals of the Stargate Wiki go beyond merely defining terms of the Stargate universe: we aim to present carefully researched articles that provide additional insights into the series mythology, characters, locations, science, technology and much, much more to support Stargate's many fanfiction writers and dedicated fans.

If you need help with this research tool, may we suggest visiting our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Our Solutions Stargate Wiki Management Team includes: