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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Current message text
api-error-copyuploaddisabled (talk) (Translate) Uploading by URL is disabled on this server.
api-error-duplicate (talk) (Translate) There {{PLURAL:$1|is another file|are some other files}} already on the site with the same content.
api-error-duplicate-archive (talk) (Translate) There {{PLURAL:$1|was another file|were some other files}} already on the site with the same content, but {{PLURAL:$1|it was|they were}} deleted.
api-error-empty-file (talk) (Translate) The file you submitted was empty.
api-error-emptypage (talk) (Translate) Creating new, empty pages is not allowed.
api-error-fetchfileerror (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Something went wrong while fetching the file.
api-error-file-too-large (talk) (Translate) The file you submitted was too large.
api-error-fileexists-forbidden (talk) (Translate) A file with name "$1" already exists, and cannot be overwritten.
api-error-fileexists-shared-forbidden (talk) (Translate) A file with name "$1" already exists in the shared file repository, and cannot be overwritten.
api-error-filename-tooshort (talk) (Translate) The filename is too short.
api-error-filetype-banned (talk) (Translate) This type of file is banned.
api-error-filetype-banned-type (talk) (Translate) $1 {{PLURAL:$4|is not a permitted file type|are not permitted file types}}. Permitted {{PLURAL:$3|file type is|file types are}} $2.
api-error-filetype-missing (talk) (Translate) The filename is missing an extension.
api-error-hookaborted (talk) (Translate) The modification you tried to make was aborted by an extension.
api-error-http (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Unable to connect to server.
api-error-illegal-filename (talk) (Translate) The filename is not allowed.
api-error-internal-error (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Something went wrong with processing your upload on the wiki.
api-error-invalid-file-key (talk) (Translate) Internal error: File was not found in temporary storage.
api-error-missingparam (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Missing parameters on request.
api-error-missingresult (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Could not determine if the copy succeeded.
api-error-mustbeloggedin (talk) (Translate) You must be logged in to upload files.
api-error-mustbeposted (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Request requires HTTP POST.
api-error-noimageinfo (talk) (Translate) The upload succeeded, but the server did not give us any information about the file.
api-error-nomodule (talk) (Translate) Internal error: No upload module set.
api-error-ok-but-empty (talk) (Translate) Internal error: No response from server.
api-error-overwrite (talk) (Translate) Overwriting an existing file is not allowed.
api-error-publishfailed (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Server failed to publish temporary file.
api-error-ratelimited (talk) (Translate) You're trying to upload more files in a short space of time than this wiki allows. Please try again in a few minutes.
api-error-stashedfilenotfound (talk) (Translate) The stashed file was not found when attempting to upload it from the stash.
api-error-stasherror (talk) (Translate) There was an error while uploading the file to stash.
api-error-stashfailed (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Server failed to store temporary file.
api-error-stashfilestorage (talk) (Translate) There was an error while storing the file in the stash.
api-error-stashnosuchfilekey (talk) (Translate) The file key you were attempting to access in the stash does not exist.
api-error-stashnotloggedin (talk) (Translate) You must be logged in to save files in the upload stash.
api-error-stashpathinvalid (talk) (Translate) The path at which the stashed file should have been found was invalid.
api-error-stashwrongowner (talk) (Translate) The file you were attempting to access in the stash does not belong to you.
api-error-stashzerolength (talk) (Translate) The server could not stash the file, because it had zero length.
api-error-timeout (talk) (Translate) The server did not respond within the expected time.
api-error-unclassified (talk) (Translate) An unknown error occurred.
api-error-unknown-code (talk) (Translate) Unknown error: "$1".
api-error-unknown-error (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Something went wrong when trying to upload your file.
api-error-unknown-warning (talk) (Translate) Unknown warning: "$1".
api-error-unknownerror (talk) (Translate) Unknown error: "$1".
api-error-uploaddisabled (talk) (Translate) Uploading is disabled on this wiki.
api-error-verification-error (talk) (Translate) This file might be corrupt, or have the wrong extension.
api-error-was-deleted (talk) (Translate) A file of this name has been previously uploaded and subsequently deleted.
api-format-prettyprint-header (talk) (Translate) This is the HTML representation of the $1 format. HTML is good for debugging, but is unsuitable for application use. Specify the <var>format</var> parameter to change the output format. To see the non-HTML representation of the $1 format, set <kbd>format=$2</kbd>. See the [[mw:API|complete documentation]], or the [[Special:ApiHelp/main|API help]] for more information.
api-format-prettyprint-header-only-html (talk) (Translate) This is an HTML representation intended for debugging, and is unsuitable for application use. See the [[mw:API|complete documentation]], or the [[Special:ApiHelp/main|API help]] for more information.
api-format-title (talk) (Translate) MediaWiki API result
api-help-authmanager-general-usage (talk) (Translate) The general procedure to use this module is: # Fetch the fields available from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> with <kbd>amirequestsfor=$4</kbd>, and a <kbd>$5</kbd> token from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+tokens|action=query&meta=tokens]]. # Present the fields to the user, and obtain their submission. # Post to this module, supplying <var>$1returnurl</var> and any relevant fields. # Check the <samp>status</samp> in the response. #* If you received <samp>PASS</samp> or <samp>FAIL</samp>, you're done. The operation either succeeded or it didn't. #* If you received <samp>UI</samp>, present the new fields to the user and obtain their submission. Then post to this module with <var>$1continue</var> and the relevant fields set, and repeat step 4. #* If you received <samp>REDIRECT</samp>, direct the user to the <samp>redirecttarget</samp> and wait for the return to <var>$1returnurl</var>. Then post to this module with <var>$1continue</var> and any fields passed to the return URL, and repeat step 4. #* If you received <samp>RESTART</samp>, that means the authentication worked but we don't have an linked user account. You might treat this as UI or as FAIL.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-additional-params (talk) (Translate) This module accepts additional parameters depending on the available authentication requests. Use <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> with <kbd>amirequestsfor=$1</kbd> (or a previous response from this module, if applicable) to determine the requests available and the fields that they use.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-continue (talk) (Translate) This request is a continuation after an earlier <samp>UI</samp> or <samp>REDIRECT</samp> response. Either this or <var>$1returnurl</var> is required.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-mergerequestfields (talk) (Translate) Merge field information for all authentication requests into one array.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-messageformat (talk) (Translate) Format to use for returning messages.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-preservestate (talk) (Translate) Preserve state from a previous failed login attempt, if possible.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-request (talk) (Translate) Use this authentication request, by the <samp>id</samp> returned from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> with <kbd>amirequestsfor=$1</kbd>.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-requests (talk) (Translate) Only use these authentication requests, by the <samp>id</samp> returned from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> with <kbd>amirequestsfor=$1</kbd> or from a previous response from this module.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-returnurl (talk) (Translate) Return URL for third-party authentication flows, must be absolute. Either this or <var>$1continue</var> is required. Upon receiving a <samp>REDIRECT</samp> response, you will typically open a browser or web view to the specified <samp>redirecttarget</samp> URL for a third-party authentication flow. When that completes, the third party will send the browser or web view to this URL. You should extract any query or POST parameters from the URL and pass them as a <var>$1continue</var> request to this API module.
api-help-datatypes (talk) (Translate) Some parameter types in API requests need further explanation: ;boolean :Boolean parameters work like HTML checkboxes: if the parameter is specified, regardless of value, it is considered true. For a false value, omit the parameter entirely. ;timestamp :Timestamps may be specified in several formats. ISO 8601 date and time is recommended. All times are in UTC, any included timezone is ignored. :* ISO 8601 date and time, <kbd><var>2001</var>-<var>01</var>-<var>15</var>T<var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var>Z</kbd> (punctuation and <kbd>Z</kbd> are optional) :* ISO 8601 date and time with (ignored) fractional seconds, <kbd><var>2001</var>-<var>01</var>-<var>15</var>T<var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var>.<var>00001</var>Z</kbd> (dashes, colons, and <kbd>Z</kbd> are optional) :* MediaWiki format, <kbd><var>2001</var><var>01</var><var>15</var><var>14</var><var>56</var><var>00</var></kbd> :* Generic numeric format, <kbd><var>2001</var>-<var>01</var>-<var>15</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var></kbd> (optional timezone of <kbd>GMT</kbd>, <kbd>+<var>##</var></kbd>, or <kbd>-<var>##</var></kbd> is ignored) :* EXIF format, <kbd><var>2001</var>:<var>01</var>:<var>15</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var></kbd> :*RFC 2822 format (timezone may be omitted), <kbd><var>Mon</var>, <var>15</var> <var>Jan</var> <var>2001</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var></kbd> :* RFC 850 format (timezone may be omitted), <kbd><var>Monday</var>, <var>15</var>-<var>Jan</var>-<var>2001</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var></kbd> :* C ctime format, <kbd><var>Mon</var> <var>Jan</var> <var>15</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var> <var>2001</var></kbd> :* Seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z as a 1 to 13 digit integer (excluding <kbd>0</kbd>) :* The string <kbd>now</kbd>
api-help-datatypes-header (talk) (Translate) Data types
api-help-examples (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Example|Examples}}:
api-help-fallback-description (talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-fallback-example (talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-fallback-parameter (talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-flag-deprecated (talk) (Translate) This module is deprecated.
api-help-flag-generator (talk) (Translate) This module can be used as a generator.
api-help-flag-internal (talk) (Translate) <strong>This module is internal or unstable.</strong> Its operation may change without notice.
api-help-flag-mustbeposted (talk) (Translate) This module only accepts POST requests.
api-help-flag-readrights (talk) (Translate) This module requires read rights.
api-help-flag-writerights (talk) (Translate) This module requires write rights.
api-help-flags (talk) (Translate)  
api-help-help-urls (talk) (Translate)  
api-help-lead (talk) (Translate) This is an auto-generated MediaWiki API documentation page. Documentation and examples:
api-help-license (talk) (Translate) License: [[$1|$2]]
api-help-license-noname (talk) (Translate) License: [[$1|See link]]
api-help-license-unknown (talk) (Translate) License: <span class="apihelp-unknown">unknown</span>
api-help-main-header (talk) (Translate) Main module
api-help-open-in-apisandbox (talk) (Translate) <small>[open in sandbox]</small>
api-help-param-continue (talk) (Translate) When more results are available, use this to continue.
api-help-param-default (talk) (Translate) Default: $1
api-help-param-default-empty (talk) (Translate) Default: <span class="apihelp-empty">(empty)</span>
api-help-param-deprecated (talk) (Translate) Deprecated.
api-help-param-direction (talk) (Translate) In which direction to enumerate: ;newer:List oldest first. Note: $1start has to be before $1end. ;older:List newest first (default). Note: $1start has to be later than $1end.
api-help-param-disabled-in-miser-mode (talk) (Translate) Disabled due to [[mw:Manual:$wgMiserMode|miser mode]].
api-help-param-integer-max (talk) (Translate) The {{PLURAL:$1|1=value|2=values}} must be no greater than $3.
api-help-param-integer-min (talk) (Translate) The {{PLURAL:$1|1=value|2=values}} must be no less than $2.
api-help-param-integer-minmax (talk) (Translate) The {{PLURAL:$1|1=value|2=values}} must be between $2 and $3.
api-help-param-limit (talk) (Translate) No more than $1 allowed.
api-help-param-limit2 (talk) (Translate) No more than $1 ($2 for bots) allowed.
api-help-param-limited-in-miser-mode (talk) (Translate) <strong>Note:</strong> Due to [[mw:Manual:$wgMiserMode|miser mode]], using this may result in fewer than <var>$1limit</var> results returned before continuing; in extreme cases, zero results may be returned.
api-help-param-list (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|1=One of the following values|2=Values (separate with <kbd>{{!}}</kbd>)}}: $2
api-help-param-list-can-be-empty (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|0=Must be empty|Can be empty, or $2}}
api-help-param-multi-max (talk) (Translate) Maximum number of values is {{PLURAL:$1|$1}} ({{PLURAL:$2|$2}} for bots).
api-help-param-multi-separate (talk) (Translate) Separate values with <kbd>|</kbd>.
api-help-param-no-description (talk) (Translate) <span class="apihelp-empty">(no description)</span>
api-help-param-required (talk) (Translate) This parameter is required.
api-help-param-token (talk) (Translate) A "$1" token retrieved from [[Special:ApiHelp/query+tokens|action=query&meta=tokens]]
api-help-param-token-webui (talk) (Translate) For compatibility, the token used in the web UI is also accepted.
api-help-param-type-boolean (talk) (Translate) Type: boolean ([[Special:ApiHelp/main#main/datatypes|details]])
api-help-param-type-integer (talk) (Translate) Type: {{PLURAL:$1|1=integer|2=list of integers}}
api-help-param-type-limit (talk) (Translate) Type: integer or <kbd>max</kbd>
api-help-param-type-password (talk) (Translate)  
api-help-param-type-timestamp (talk) (Translate) Type: {{PLURAL:$1|1=timestamp|2=list of timestamps}} ([[Special:ApiHelp/main#main/datatypes|allowed formats]])
api-help-param-type-user (talk) (Translate) Type: {{PLURAL:$1|1=user name|2=list of user names}}
api-help-param-upload (talk) (Translate) Must be posted as a file upload using multipart/form-data.
api-help-parameters (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Parameter|Parameters}}:
api-help-permissions (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Permission|Permissions}}:
api-help-permissions-granted-to (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Granted to}}: $2
api-help-right-apihighlimits (talk) (Translate) Use higher limits in API queries (slow queries: $1; fast queries: $2). The limits for slow queries also apply to multivalue parameters.
api-help-source (talk) (Translate) Source: $1
api-help-source-unknown (talk) (Translate) Source: <span class="apihelp-unknown">unknown</span>
api-help-title (talk) (Translate) MediaWiki API help
api-pageset-param-converttitles (talk) (Translate) Convert titles to other variants if necessary. Only works if the wiki's content language supports variant conversion. Languages that support variant conversion include $1.
api-pageset-param-generator (talk) (Translate) Get the list of pages to work on by executing the specified query module. <strong>Note:</strong> Generator parameter names must be prefixed with a "g", see examples.
api-pageset-param-pageids (talk) (Translate) A list of page IDs to work on.
api-pageset-param-redirects-generator (talk) (Translate) Automatically resolve redirects in <var>$1titles</var>, <var>$1pageids</var>, and <var>$1revids</var>, and in pages returned by <var>$1generator</var>.
api-pageset-param-redirects-nogenerator (talk) (Translate) Automatically resolve redirects in <var>$1titles</var>, <var>$1pageids</var>, and <var>$1revids</var>.
api-pageset-param-revids (talk) (Translate) A list of revision IDs to work on.
api-pageset-param-titles (talk) (Translate) A list of titles to work on.
apihelp (talk) (Translate) API help
apihelp-block-description (talk) (Translate) Block a user.
apihelp-block-example-ip-simple (talk) (Translate) Block IP address <kbd></kbd> for three days with reason <kbd>First strike</kbd>.
apihelp-block-example-user-complex (talk) (Translate) Block user <kbd>Vandal</kbd> indefinitely with reason <kbd>Vandalism</kbd>, and prevent new account creation and email sending.
apihelp-block-param-allowusertalk (talk) (Translate) Allow the user to edit their own talk page (depends on <var>[[mw:Manual:$wgBlockAllowsUTEdit|$wgBlockAllowsUTEdit]]</var>).
apihelp-block-param-anononly (talk) (Translate) Block anonymous users only (i.e. disable anonymous edits for this IP address).
apihelp-block-param-autoblock (talk) (Translate) Automatically block the last used IP address, and any subsequent IP addresses they try to login from.
apihelp-block-param-expiry (talk) (Translate) Expiry time. May be relative (e.g. <kbd>5 months</kbd> or <kbd>2 weeks</kbd>) or absolute (e.g. <kbd>2014-09-18T12:34:56Z</kbd>). If set to <kbd>infinite</kbd>, <kbd>indefinite</kbd>, or <kbd>never</kbd>, the block will never expire.
apihelp-block-param-hidename (talk) (Translate) Hide the username from the block log. (Requires the <code>hideuser</code> right).
apihelp-block-param-nocreate (talk) (Translate) Prevent account creation.
apihelp-block-param-noemail (talk) (Translate) Prevent user from sending email through the wiki. (Requires the <code>blockemail</code> right).
apihelp-block-param-reason (talk) (Translate) Reason for block.
apihelp-block-param-reblock (talk) (Translate) If the user is already blocked, overwrite the existing block.
apihelp-block-param-user (talk) (Translate) Username, IP address, or IP address range to block.
apihelp-block-param-watchuser (talk) (Translate) Watch the user's or IP address's user and talk pages.
apihelp-changeauthenticationdata-description (talk) (Translate) Change authentication data for the current user.
apihelp-changeauthenticationdata-example-password (talk) (Translate) Attempt to change the current user's password to <kbd>ExamplePassword</kbd>.
apihelp-checktoken-description (talk) (Translate) Check the validity of a token from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+tokens|action=query&meta=tokens]]</kbd>.
apihelp-checktoken-example-simple (talk) (Translate) Test the validity of a <kbd>csrf</kbd> token.
apihelp-checktoken-param-maxtokenage (talk) (Translate) Maximum allowed age of the token, in seconds.
apihelp-checktoken-param-token (talk) (Translate) Token to test.
apihelp-checktoken-param-type (talk) (Translate) Type of token being tested.
apihelp-clearhasmsg-description (talk) (Translate) Clears the <code>hasmsg</code> flag for the current user.
apihelp-clearhasmsg-example-1 (talk) (Translate) Clear the <code>hasmsg</code> flag for the current user.
apihelp-clientlogin-description (talk) (Translate) Log in to the wiki using the interactive flow.
apihelp-clientlogin-example-login (talk) (Translate) Start the process of logging in to the wiki as user <kbd>Example</kbd> with password <kbd>ExamplePassword</kbd>.
apihelp-clientlogin-example-login2 (talk) (Translate) Continue logging in after a UI response for two-factor auth, supplying an <var>OATHToken</var> of <kbd>987654</kbd>.
apihelp-compare-description (talk) (Translate) Get the difference between 2 pages. A revision number, a page title, or a page ID for both "from" and "to" must be passed.
apihelp-compare-example-1 (talk) (Translate) Create a diff between revision 1 and 2.
apihelp-compare-param-fromid (talk) (Translate) First page ID to compare.
apihelp-compare-param-fromrev (talk) (Translate) First revision to compare.
apihelp-compare-param-fromtitle (talk) (Translate) First title to compare.
apihelp-compare-param-toid (talk) (Translate) Second page ID to compare.
apihelp-compare-param-torev (talk) (Translate) Second revision to compare.
apihelp-compare-param-totitle (talk) (Translate) Second title to compare.
apihelp-createaccount-description (talk) (Translate) Create a new user account.
apihelp-createaccount-example-create (talk) (Translate) Start the process of creating user <kbd>Example</kbd> with password <kbd>ExamplePassword</kbd>.
apihelp-createaccount-example-mail (talk) (Translate) Create user <kbd>testmailuser</kbd> and email a randomly-generated password.
apihelp-createaccount-example-pass (talk) (Translate) Create user <kbd>testuser</kbd> with password <kbd>test123</kbd>.
apihelp-createaccount-param-domain (talk) (Translate) Domain for external authentication (optional).
apihelp-createaccount-param-email (talk) (Translate) Email address of user (optional).
apihelp-createaccount-param-language (talk) (Translate) Language code to set as default for the user (optional, defaults to content language).
apihelp-createaccount-param-mailpassword (talk) (Translate) If set to any value, a random password will be emailed to the user.
apihelp-createaccount-param-name (talk) (Translate) Username.
apihelp-createaccount-param-password (talk) (Translate) Password (ignored if <var>$1mailpassword</var> is set).
apihelp-createaccount-param-preservestate (talk) (Translate) If <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> returned true for <samp>hasprimarypreservedstate</samp>, requests marked as <samp>primary-required</samp> should be omitted. If it returned a non-empty value for <samp>preservedusername</samp>, that username must be used for the <var>username</var> parameter.
apihelp-createaccount-param-realname (talk) (Translate) Real name of user (optional).
apihelp-createaccount-param-reason (talk) (Translate) Optional reason for creating the account to be put in the logs.
apihelp-createaccount-param-token (talk) (Translate) Account creation token obtained in first request.
apihelp-delete-description (talk) (Translate) Delete a page.
apihelp-delete-example-reason (talk) (Translate) Delete <kbd>Main Page</kbd> with the reason <kbd>Preparing for move</kbd>.
apihelp-delete-example-simple (talk) (Translate) Delete <kbd>Main Page</kbd>.
apihelp-delete-param-oldimage (talk) (Translate) The name of the old image to delete as provided by [[Special:ApiHelp/query+imageinfo|action=query&prop=imageinfo&iiprop=archivename]].
apihelp-delete-param-pageid (talk) (Translate) Page ID of the page to delete. Cannot be used together with <var>$1title</var>.
apihelp-delete-param-reason (talk) (Translate) Reason for the deletion. If not set, an automatically generated reason will be used.
apihelp-delete-param-tags (talk) (Translate) Change tags to apply to the entry in the deletion log.
apihelp-delete-param-title (talk) (Translate) Title of the page to delete. Cannot be used together with <var>$1pageid</var>.
apihelp-delete-param-unwatch (talk) (Translate) Remove the page from the current user's watchlist.
apihelp-delete-param-watch (talk) (Translate) Add the page to the current user's watchlist.
apihelp-delete-param-watchlist (talk) (Translate) Unconditionally add or remove the page from the current user's watchlist, use preferences or do not change watch.
apihelp-disabled-description (talk) (Translate) This module has been disabled.
apihelp-edit-description (talk) (Translate) Create and edit pages.
apihelp-edit-example-edit (talk) (Translate) Edit a page.
apihelp-edit-example-prepend (talk) (Translate) Prepend <kbd>__NOTOC__</kbd> to a page.
apihelp-edit-example-undo (talk) (Translate) Undo revisions 13579 through 13585 with autosummary.
apihelp-edit-param-appendtext (talk) (Translate) Add this text to the end of the page. Overrides $1text. Use $1section=new to append a new section, rather than this parameter.
apihelp-edit-param-basetimestamp (talk) (Translate) Timestamp of the base revision, used to detect edit conflicts. May be obtained through [[Special:ApiHelp/query+revisions|action=query&prop=revisions&rvprop=timestamp]].
apihelp-edit-param-bot (talk) (Translate) Mark this edit as bot.
apihelp-edit-param-contentformat (talk) (Translate) Content serialization format used for the input text.
apihelp-edit-param-contentmodel (talk) (Translate) Content model of the new content.
apihelp-edit-param-createonly (talk) (Translate) Don't edit the page if it exists already.
apihelp-edit-param-md5 (talk) (Translate) The MD5 hash of the $1text parameter, or the $1prependtext and $1appendtext parameters concatenated. If set, the edit won't be done unless the hash is correct.
apihelp-edit-param-minor (talk) (Translate) Minor edit.
apihelp-edit-param-nocreate (talk) (Translate) Throw an error if the page doesn't exist.
apihelp-edit-param-notminor (talk) (Translate) Non-minor edit.
apihelp-edit-param-pageid (talk) (Translate) Page ID of the page to edit. Cannot be used together with <var>$1title</var>.
apihelp-edit-param-prependtext (talk) (Translate) Add this text to the beginning of the page. Overrides $1text.
apihelp-edit-param-recreate (talk) (Translate) Override any errors about the page having been deleted in the meantime.
apihelp-edit-param-redirect (talk) (Translate) Automatically resolve redirects.
apihelp-edit-param-section (talk) (Translate) Section number. <kbd>0</kbd> for the top section, <kbd>new</kbd> for a new section.
apihelp-edit-param-sectiontitle (talk) (Translate) The title for a new section.
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