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Dr. Simon Wallace


Dr. Simon Wallace was engaged to Dr. Elizabeth Weir, but broke up with her after she had not been heard from for about a year after leaving for Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy.

Character Biography

Dr. Simon Wallace was engaged to Dr. Elizabeth Weir when she was assigned as the new leader of the Stargate Program at Stargate Command (7.21 "Lost City Part 1"; SGA 1.01 "Rising Part 1"). After she left him a videotaped good-bye note telling him that she was leading the Expedition through the Stargate to the Ancients' Lost City of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy and wasn't heard from for about a year, Wallace began seeing someone else (SGA 2.02 "The Intruder").

Simon was always on Elizabeth's mind during that year, so when she was caught in a hallucination, she imagined that she and Simon were happily reunited and living together with a dog, but when she actually did return home for a visit to ask him to return to Atlantis with her, he ended their relationship (SGA 1.09 "Home", 2.02 "The Intruder").

Later, when Elizabeth was under the influence of an Asuran nanotechnology, she was told that she had been involved in a car accident in which Simon was killed instantly and that it was this incident that led to her mental breakdown. The Asurans wanted Elizabeth to believe that Atlantis was just a creation of her imagination, but no doubt they used her feelings about losing Simon as a way to give her nothing of herself to hold onto as the technology overtook her mind and body. During her year with the people of the Expedition, however, Elizabeth had grown close to several members and it was they who were able to save her from the technology's influence. (SGA 3.06 "The Real World")


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