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Simon Fraser University location


Simon Fraser University has three campuses in the Vancouver area, the largest being atop Burnaby Mountain in Burnaby, north of Bridge Studios. The University boasts over 30,000 students and over 100,000 alumni. It is named for the explorer Simon Fraser and opened in 1965.

SFU was used to represent the Tollan capital city on Tollana and appeared prominently in two SG-1 episodes. It remains much as it was during filming, a striking piece of architecture in a beautiful setting.


SFU's Burbaby campus is a large complex on top of Burnaby Mountain, off of University Drive E. While all of it is distinctive, the central quadrangle and adjacent walkway and covered promenade, with their strikingly regular geometric patterns, make a very compelling combination, quite believable as an alien city. The University offers a variety of majors from liberal arts to sciences and technical programs and is one of two major Universities in Vancouver, the other being the University of British Columbia.

The quadrangle and adjacent walkway and stone courtyard were used to represent the Tollan government building exteriors in 3.15 "Pretense" and 5.09 "Between Two Fires". The scenery was enhanced with a variety of visual effects. In 3.15 "Pretense" there were domes added in the distance, where Vancouver would be visible on the horizon. The DVD commentary for 5.09 "Between Two Fires" mentions that they purposely filmed so as not to have to recreate those structures in a matte painting. In the latter episode, they digitally added the ion cannons on platforms, intended of course to protect the city. There were practical additions too, such as the small marble memorial whose flame Narim and Travell light in honor of Omoc. In scens of the windows, other-worldly style lighting is seen that must have been added for filming. In close-up scenes in various corners, some plants were added. And of course the explosions and Goa'uld attacks seen in both episodes were added after filming. Everything else was the real University.


3.15 Steps out of quad
3.15 View down walkway
3.15 Walking under
5.09 Pool in quad
5.09 Courtyard
5.09 Narim and walkway

Photos, April 2009 — click to enlarge

View down walkway
Quad corner
Under structure
Pool and walkway
Pool in quad
Quad corner
Covered courtyard
View of mountains
View of Vancouver


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