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* [[Kheb]]
* [[Kheb]]
* [[Nishta]]
* [[Ribbon Device]]
* [[Ribbon Device]]

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Goa'uld Seth

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Set, Seti, Lord of the Northern Sky. Associated with the Greek demon-god, Typhon.

Presides Over

Chaos, storms, cloudy weather, earthquakes.

Personal Symbols

Ass/donkey (following defeat by Horus), crocodile (following defeat by Horus), human with a head of indeterminate origin (possibly an aardvark)

Earth Mythological References

Seth was the embodiment of hostility and outright evil. Often paired with goddesses from foreign lands, such as Astarte and Anat, Seth was said to be the son of Nut and Geb (Sky and Earth) or Nut and Ra. Osiris was his chief adversary and after the murder of his brother, Seth became embroiled in a war with Horus. Seth tore out Horus left eye (the moon) and Horus tore out Seths foreleg and testicles. Eventually Horus won the battle or was deemed the victor by a decision from Neith. Seth was forced to return the eye of Horus, and Seth was consequently either castrated or killed. Other versions have Seth returning to live with Ra, where he became the voice of thunder. Ordinary Egyptians had cause to fear Seth in the underworld, where he was said to seize the souls of the unwary.

Stargate References

Jacob/Selmak and the Tok'ra believe the Goa'uld Seth is still alive and living on Earth, and Jacob enlists the SGC's assistance in finding him. Thinking that finding Seth would be like the proverbial needle in a haystack, Jacob was surprised that Daniel rather quickly located the rogue Goa'uld. As the leader of a series of small cults, Seth "Fargough" wielded little influence over Earthly cultures, hiding out among the humans and maintaining a low profile for centuries. Seth changed hosts every few hundred years as he did not have the restorative benefits of a sarcophagus. For every host change, he would command all his followers to commit suicide, leaving no one the wiser. In his modern incarnation, Seth again quietly reestablished his cult, keeping the number of followers small. Having found Seth's whereabouts, SG-1 launch the mission to retrieve him. Unbeknownst to SG-1, however, Seth's cult also attracted the attention of ATF Agents (Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms). The ATF were opposed to the military stepping in and assuming control over their investigation, but they were overruled. Prepared that Seth uses a form of Nishta to render humans under his control, O'Neill, Daniel and Carter infiltrated the compound. Discovered by the cult, they were temporary rendered willing converts, relying on Teal'c and Jacob to deliver the small electrical charge to free them from the mind control. Once Jack, Daniel and Sam were freed of Seth's control, the cult members were hurried out of their protected compound. Seth hid himself among the escapees, hoping to avoid capture, but Sam was forced to kill him using the Goa’uld's own ribbon device. (Seth)


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