Samantha Carter: Injuries Received

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In the Line of Duty

Off-world Missions (Milky Way)

P3X-593: Minor cuts and bruises during hand to hand combat with alien tribal leader (1.04 "Emancipation").

P3X-797 (Land of Light): contracted parasitic histaminolytic virus which regressed her to a primitive state, and was consequently cured with heavy doses of antihistamines. She also received a small knife wound to the abdomen in a fight with another affected woman at the SGC base (1.05 "The Broca Divide").

P3X-513: struck on the face by former fiance, Jonas Hanson, as well as shoved around by other members of his team. No serious injuries (1.06 "The First Commandment").

P3X-774: Killed by Jaffa troops under Apophis; resurrected by the Nox (1.08 "The Nox").

P3X-866 (Oannes): False memory implanted of Daniel Jackson's death, resulting in photosensitivity, headache and post traumatic stress symptoms (1.12 "Fire and Water").

P3X-989 (Altair): Stunned and knocked unconscious, and consequently duplicated, her consciousness copied into the mechanical double (1.18 "Tin Man").

Nasya: While giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a fallen Nasyan, a symbiote entered Carter through the throat. She was not aware of the invasion at first, until some time after she had returned with her team to Earth. Jolinar of Malkshur, the Tok'ra symbiote, was attempting to escape to another world, knowing a Goa'uld assassin, called an Ashrak, was hunting her. She was imprisoned by SGC personnel, and the Ashrak eventually found her and attempted to kill her with a hand device, injuring her. Jolinar gave its life in order to save Samantha, though she had a lengthy recovery afterward, including devastating emotional repercussions of the traumatic event (2.02 "In the Line of Duty").

P3R-636: Forced to work without rest in the naquadah mines for several days (2.05 "Need").

PXY-887: Shot by Salish darts and rendered unconscious (2.13 "Spirits").

P9Q-281: Suffered severe heat exposure and sunburn while trapped on a planet with two suns and a broken DHD (2.15 "The Fifth Race").

PJ2-445: Mildly affected by inaudible sounds produced by an alien plant. The condition abated when removed from the sound by returning to Earth. Carter also received a small gash on her hand when one of the harmless, innocent aliens accidentally cut her with Daniel's knife (2.19 "One False Step").

Hathor's planet (designation not known): Carter was cryogenically frozen and implanted with a Tok'ra memory stimulation device. The device was later removed. She was also heavily sedated to prevent her from sensing the Goa'uld who actually held her and the humans of SG-1 captive (2.22 "Out of Mind Part 1", 3.01 "Into the Fire Part 2").

PJ6-877: Shot by Aris Boch's weapon (3.07 "Deadman Switch").

Unnamed/designated world: Struck by lightning (3.08 "Demons").

Unnamed/designated world: Shot by an intar (3.09 "Rules of Engagement").

Netu: Forced to drink the Blood of Sokar, a powerful narcotic that causes very realistic hallucinations. Impersonating Sam's father, Apophis tried to trick her into revealing the GDO iris codes, but she saw through the deception (3.13 "The Devil You Know Part 2").

P4X-884: Though this event also might not qualify as an injury, Carter's brain was implanted with a device designed to record information from gate explorers, but the device malfunctioned, allowing her and the other members of SG-1 to interact with the device consciousness, called Urgo. (The device consciousness reminded her of her Uncle Irving.) Both when the device was implanted and later when it was removed, she had no memory of Togar, the creator of the device (3.16 "Urgo").

P2X-416 (Bedrosia/Optrica): Rendered unconscious by a Bedrosian force field, and consequently taken prisoner. Carter and the rest of SG-1 were rescued by Teal'c and an alien, Nyan, and returned to Earth (3.19 "New Ground").

P7X-377: Suffered muon radiation sickness, but recovered with no permanent ill effects. She was also rendered temporarily invisible (3.21 "Crystal Skull").

P3R-118: While not exactly an injury, Sam's personality was replaced with one called Therra and made a slave, via an alien memory stamp. However, the stamp did not hold and her memory eventually returned (4.10 "Beneath the Surface").

P4X-347: Addiction to the hypnotic light-projecting device on the planet. Carter discovered that a gradual reduction in the output of the device would allow them a painless withdrawal, whereupon they would be free to leave the planet (4.18 "The Light").

P7S-441: Though not exactly an injury, her memory was affected by an alien chemical which made her believe the alien Reol traveling with the team before they were separated was a teammate (5.04 "The Fifth Man").

P4X-636 (Velona): Fell unconscious while investigating an alien device, presumably as a result of something Orlin did (5.03 "Ascension").

Tollana: Knocked out by a ribbon device (5.09 "Between Two Fires").

Revanna: Various cuts and bruises after the Tok'ra tunnel system began collapsing when Lord Zipacna's Jaffa bombed the planetary surface (5.15 "Summit Part 1", 5.16 "Last Stand Part 2").

Heimdall's Research Facility: Zatted and ribboned by Osiris while trying to rescue Thor (5.22 "Revelations").

Unnamed Planet: Zatted by Harry Maybourne as Harry tried to get away through the transportation doorway (6.15 "Paradise Lost").

P3X-367: Victim of Nirrti's DNA experiments; her body was made unstable, and she would have died if one of the other victims hadn't figured out how to use the device to make her whole again after Nirrti was killed (6.16 "Metamorphosis").

Kelowna: Knocked down and stunned during a fight with Jaffa Her'rak after a hard blow to the face (7.02 "Homecoming").

Alpha Site: Bruised, sustained large and small larcerations from explosion and/or being hunted to exhaustion by a supersoldier until O'Neill arrived and they worked together to finally kill it (7.16 "Death Knell").

P6G-452: Along with the rest of her team, Carter was restrained and beaten for over twenty-four hours by members of the Lucian Alliance. She received several blows to the face during this encounter, but withstood the pain to continue on another mission (9.15 "Off the Grid").

P3Y-229 region: treated for the beginnings of oxygen deprivation and long period of weightlessness after stranded in a space suit drifting near the Supergate for several hours (10.01 "Flesh & Blood Part 3").

Vagonbrei: affected by a parasite that made her extraordinarily tired. If she succumbed, the parasite would have engorged and eventually led to a brain aneurysm. Seratonin and melatonin levels shot to dangerously high levels, which made taking stimulants to counteract the effects dangerous. She was rescued by an SGC team in hazmat gear (10.02 "Morpheus").

P9C-882: indirectly struck by Ori staff weapon and seriously injured on the left side of her abdomen. Based on the blood soaked bandages front and back, the blast went through her. Sam believed her wound was fatal and instructed Mitchell where he could find personal letters to people, including Cassie in her personal file under the password "fishing". Was brought back to the infirmary and recovered over the course of several weeks (10.12 "Line In The Sand").

Amon Shek: knocked unconscious by Goa'uld shock grenade (10.17 "Talion).

Aboard Alien Vessels

Apophis' ha'tak: Blinded and knocked unconscious by Goa'uld shock grenade (2.01 "The Serpent's Lair Part 2").

Teltak bound for Netu: Martouf applied a Tok'ra memory stimulation device, which enhanced Jolinar's memories as well as Carter's own, in order for Sam to discover how Jolinar had previously escaped imprisonment on Netu. The experience was exceedingly painful, forcing her to recall her mother's death (3.12 "Jolinar's Memories Part 1").

Tok'ra scout ship, near Tartarus: Knocked unconscious by a supersoldier, injuring her left arm (7.12 "Evolution Part 2").

Prometheus: Sustained a severe concussion when the ship was hit by hostile fire; the injury may have combined with the influence of the gaseous anomaly the ship was inside of to produce strange hallucinations that came and went for many hours until she found a way to retrieve her crew and free the ship (7.13 "Grace").

Replicator ship bound for Orilla: Held in a coma and mentally tortured by Fifth as revenge for her prior betrayal of him. She convinced him that if he truly loved her, he would let her go, and he did. O'Neill and the others found her unconscious on Orilla, but she was unharmed (8.02 "New Order Part 2").

The Trust Al'kesh: Zatted by a Trust agent after beaming aboard the al'kesh to which Earth's Stargate had been taken. She later fights with the agents with her hands tied behind her back but is not injured (8.10 "Endgame").

Prometheus in orbit over Tegalus: Knocked about from the concussive force of blasts rocking the ship, Sam maintained only minor injuries before escaping the ship's destruction (9.15 "Ethon").

Odyssey: knocked unconscious and sustained minor head injury when ship was rocked by mines during battle with the Lucian Alliance. Shoved around by guards later, but no evidence of any serious physical mistreatment, though she was psychologically tortured with threats to herself and the murder of Col. Emerson and death threats against her colleagues onboard (10.09 "In the Company of Thieves")

Earth, SGC base

  • Elevator: thrown against the wall and knocked unconscious (1.03 "The Enemy Within").
  • Carter's Lab: Knocked unconscious by Linea's hand device (2.03 "Prisoners").
  • Isolation room: Infected by three of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-eradicating devices. Because she had the protein marker left behind after Jolinar's death, the machines' purpose had been fulfilled. She consequently used the protein markers in her blood to effect a treatment for Dr. Frasier, Col. O'Neill and Teal'c, whose symbiote was being slowly killed by the devices (3.04 "Legacy").
  • Infirmary: Sedated, in anticipation of being sent to sublevel 23 to be duplicated by an alien machine. Her unique physiology as a former Tok'ra host made her resistant to the sedative, and she escaped (3.14 "Foothold").
  • Using the Atoneek armband, she was subjected to a viral infection that caused fever, but the results were increased metabolism, strength, speed, and memory retention. The armbands also provided a euphoric reaction, which caused her and the other human team members to make irrational decisions. As their bodies developed an immunity to the virus, the powers faded and the armbands fell off (4.03 "Upgrades").
  • While attempting to shut down an alien entity which was invading the base computers, Sam sustained an electrical burn on her hand. The entity later invaded her body, eventually sending her consciousness into the computer system it had since vacated. Jack was forced to shoot her twice with a zat, effectively killing the alien consciousness. However, once it was determined that "Sam" was in the computer system, Dr. Frasier found a way to reconnect her consciousness to her revived body, and she recovered (4.20 "Entity").
  • Gate Room: Injured her shoulder on the ramp after falling through the gate. She then warned her teammates that the Aschen were about to send a biological weapon through to Earth (5.10 "2001").
  • Warehouse somewhere on SGC grounds: Shot by intar during trainee exercises (5.13 "Proving Ground").
  • Control Room: Sustained electrical shock and burns to the right hand while closing the iris after a failed attempt to stop Anubis' energy transfer by sending an electromagnetic pulse back through the gate (6.02 "Redemption Part 2").
  • SGC: Taken over briefly by Anubis as he attempted to escape from the SGC through the Stargate. O'Neill zatted her and Anubis left her body, but she was not seriously injured (8.03 "Lockdown").
  • Level 16 Corridor — zatted by one of the Ba'al clones, knocking her unconscious (10.04 "Insiders").
  • Isolation Lab — knocked unconscious when a fissure from an alternate reality dragged her and all the contents of her shielded and out-of-phase lab into its universe (10.13 "Road Not Taken").

Other Earth Locations

P4A-771/Antarctica: After coming under attack from Jaffa energy weapons, Carter suffered a sprained knee, a few scrapes and bruises and moderate hypothermia (1.18 "Solitudes").

Near Seattle, WA: Infected with nish'ta, a chemical which makes the mind extremely pliable. This event caused her to temporarily become one of Seth's followers, until jolted with an electric shock from a device implanted for just that purpose (3.02 "Seth").

Somewhere in Montana: Drugged by alien deserters trying to maintain their cover on Earth (4.11 "Point of No Return").

Somewhere in Egypt: Knocked unconscious by a Goa'uld ribbon device wielded by Sarah/Osiris (4.13 "The Curse").

St. Christina's hospital, Seattle, WA suburb: Kidnapped near her home by Adrian Conrad, and consequently subjected to a variety of medical experiments in advance of Conrad's being implanted with a Goa'uld symbiote (5.11 "Desperate Measures").

In Space, on an Asteroid above Earth: Suffered electrical shock when the ship's systems were fried (5.17 "Fail Safe").

White Rock Research Station, Antarctica: Contracted an unknown virus from a woman found frozen in the ice and resurrected. There was no known cure for the virus, but the woman, suspected to be one of the Ancients, healed Carter (6.04 "Frozen").

Steveson, OR: Implanted with an immature symbiote which could only take possession of its host at night. Fortunately, she had already injected herself with an antibiotic which acted like a vaccine and killed the symbiote within moments. She then played along until she learned the Goa'uld plan of action (6.05 "Nightwalkers").

Alternate Reality: zatted unconscious after fighting off two agents in hand to hand combat. She apparently suffered no serious injuries from the incident (10.13 "Road Not Taken").

Pegasus Galaxy/Atlantis

  • Atlantis Base: Infected by mutated Kirsan Fever, a virus native to the Pegasus Galaxy. She alone with other Earth based expedition members lost her memories; recovered when cure was distributed in aerosol form (SGA 4.06 "Tabulah Rasa").
  • M5V-801: Thrice fell several feet. Aside from minor injuries, upon the third fall, Carter suffered a severe break in her right leg. Luckily, the fracture did not have complications, and Carter was mobile after a few weeks in cast and crutches (SGA 4.16 "Trio").
  • M2S-445: As with others trapped and/or part of the Search and Rescue team on the world, Sam was exposed to alien pathogen that was released when Michael's lab was destroyed. The incubation period lasted weeks, so the infection was not noticed until after Carter had returned to the Milky Way Galaxy. A cure was discovered on Atlantis and presumably forwarded to Sam in quarantine on Earth. (SGA 5.01 "Search and Rescue", SGA 5.02 "The Seed").

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