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Sport: Sam is not a sports fan as far as we know.

Drink: Water, but also drinks beer (1.12 "Fire and Water") and diet cola, which she prefers to regular cola (4.03 "Upgrades"). She also enjoys herbal tea (5.03 "Ascension" and 6.18 "Changeling"). Enjoys mochaccinos (10.18 "Family Ties")

Dessert: Blue Jello (3.16 "Urgo" and others). Either does not like macaroons, or does not like Cameron's baking (10.12 "Line in the Sand").

Animals/Pets: Cats. She gave her cat, Schroedinger, as a gift to Narim, a Tollan refugee, who had never seen a living animal (1.16 "Enigma"). She also talks to her plants (2.19 "One False Step").

Vehicle of choice: Motorcycles. She is restoring an old Indian bike (4.13 "The Curse") and has enjoyed riding them (7.08 "Space Race"). Her personal transportation was a vintage silver 2-seater Volvo (5.11 "Desperate Measures") but more recently is a late-model silver Volvo S60 sedan (7.15 "Chimera").

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