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Sport: Sam is not a sports fan as far as we know.

Drink: Water, but also drinks beer (1.12 "Fire and Water") and diet cola, which she prefers to regular cola (4.03 "Upgrades").

Dessert: Blue Jello (3.16 "Urgo" and others).

Animals/Pets: Cats. She gave her cat, Schroedinger, as a gift to Narim, a Tollan refugee, who had never seen a living animal (1.16 "Enigma"). She also talks to her plants (2.19 "One False Step").

Vehicle of choice: Motorcycles. She is restoring an old Indian bike (4.13 "The Curse") and has enjoyed riding them (7.08 "Space Race"). Her personal transportation was a vintage silver 2-seater Volvo (5.11 "Desperate Measures") but more recently is a late-model silver Volvo S60 sedan (7.15 "Chimera").

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