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Sam’s house (005) is, in reality, a private residence in North Vancouver with a rather charming front garden (011) and mountain views. (001) The hedge has grown a little higher since it was used on Stargate. (002) It stands opposite some lovely common land (013) which was used for the area (003)where Sam and Pete take a romantic walk in “Chimera”. Across from Sam’s house is the spot where she first saw Orlin in “Ascension”. In the episode, it was “set dressed” with an old-fashioned lamp-post (004) which is not there in reality. (004)

The Season 5 episode “Ascension” gives views of almost every room in Sam’s house and Season 7’s “Chimera” shows us more, so we have produced two screencap galleries to accompany our photographs. This includes lovely colour (031) shots of each room. Pictures in sepia (016) are Orlin’s point of view. Blue-tinted (038) pictures are from the temporary security monitors the SGC installed after Sam first saw Orlin.

We hope you enjoy seeing this lovely house inside and out!

Photos by Cathy Holroyd and Sally Allan.


The Sam Carter's House Photogallery contains our exclusive photographs of Sam's house and surroundings used in the series - perfect for fanfiction writers. Clicking on each thumbnail will lead you to a larger image which you are welcome to download. At any time, you can return to this page by clicking on the home button.

Note that these photographs are COPYRIGHT and with permission from photographer Sally Allan, may be copied for re-posting on your website with (1) an acknowledgement to Solutions and (2) a link back to this article. You are also welcome to download them to your hard drive for personal use.