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Rush slips into a coma in the neural interface chair, and Amanda connects with him in the ship's matrix, but Ginn informs Eli of a problem with that scenario. Elsewhere, Dr. Rodney McKay's plan to dial the ninth chevron address hits a snag.

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The recent Lucian attack on Homeworld Command has reawakened the latter's desire to find an Icarus-like planet so that they can defend Destiny. They try to persuade Ovirda, the ambassador from the planet Langara, to let them use the Stargate on his planet for this purpose, but he will not risk his world's population. Desperate to help Destiny, and suspicious that the Lucian Alliance has the ambassador in their pocket, Telford and Stargate official Richard Woolsey begin planning an act of espionage that will prove the safety of dialing to Destiny, and hopefully sever any communion between the Lucians and the Langarans.

Returning to Destiny, Young is surprised to find that Rush has taken the day off. He needs him to review the science of Dr. Rodney McKay, the architect of the plan to dial Destiny from Langara, but Rush is inaccessible. He planted himself in the neural interface chair and uploaded his consciousness, putting his brain in a coma-like state. The crew is in a lather trying to safely awaken him, but Rush, on the other side of Destiny's mainframe, is drinking deeply of the company - and simulated physical presence - of Amanda Perry. Eli is the first one to guess at Rush's virtual hideaway, having discussed the option with his own disembodied sweetheart, Ginn. But Ginn, unlike Amanda, was wary of the dangers of up- and downloading human consciousness, and got so mad at Eli for proposing it that she disappeared - he hasn't seen her for days.

Young can't be present to solve this tangle - in a nefarious sleight of hand, he has traded places via the stones with an official at the Langaran Stargate facility, and he, Scott, Woolsey and McKay begin their stealth mission to dial the ninth chevron to prove to the Langarans, with or without their permission, that the process is safe. While the military men do the heavy lifting, Woolsey sneaks off to get a look at the paperwork to confirm their suspicions that the Langarans are, indeed, in cahoots with the Lucians. What he finds is much more disturbing: They have repeatedly resisted advances from the Lucians, making the unethical stealth mission entirely indefensible. As Langaran forces bear down and McKay continues to dial the gate, Young narrowly manages to convince Telford to abort the mission. Young and Scott return to Destiny in defeat, and Telford must report to Homeworld Command on the massive amount of faith lost in the diplomatic efforts with Langara. Their planet will not be used as a supply line to Destiny any time soon.

Ginn has managed to squeeze through safeholds put on her existence by Amanda long enough to tell Eli that Amanda's haste and lovesickness have blinded her to the dangers of toying with consciousness, and she has accidentally trapped Rush in a virtual reality. Before Ginn can tell Eli how to get Rush out, she's pulled away by Amanda's massive drain on her consciousness. Eli guesses at the terrible truth, and woefully quarantines the consciousnesses of both Amanda and Ginn. When Rush awakes, he's furious, but Eli defends his action, saying it was the only way to save Rush's life.

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Production Notes

  • "201: Intervention, 202: Aftermath, 203: Awakening, 204: Pathogen, 205: Cloverdale, 206: Trial and Error, 207: The Greater Good, 208: Malice, 209: Visitation, 210: Resurgence, 211: Deliverance, 212: Twin Destinies, 213: Alliances, 214: Hope, 215: Seizure, 216: The Hunt, 217: (Rob’s script), 218: (Carl’s script), 219: Blockade, 220: Gauntlet. Yep. All we need are a couple of titles." — Joseph Mallozzi, July 10, 2010
  • "With word from producer John G. Lenic that the deals have been closed on those Atlantis alums, we can now move forward on the script, secure in the knowledge that both extra-special guest stars will actually be on hand to say the dialogue written for specifically for them. Great news for fans of the old series. There was a reluctance to move ahead with an SGA crossover, particularly on my part, because the feeling was it would step on the timing of the SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction, the events of which directly proceed the Atlantis series finale, Enemy at the Gate. But given the delay on the movie front and the ideal premise pitched out by Remi Aubuchon and Brad Wright, it was decided to go ahead with the crossover. Not a big deal, but it will require some changes to the Stargate: Extinction timeline which, in turn, will beg a host of questions, some of which will be answered in episode #15, some of which won’t…at least not right away ... Hey, I just noticed that even though I mentioned the deals had been closed, I didn’t reveal which characters would be putting in an appearance. ... That’s because SyFy will be making the grand announcement when the time comes. Watch for it!" — Joseph Mallozzi, July 15, 2010
  • "If you were at the SGU Comic Con panel – or followed the fallout on twitter – you by now already know the identity of the two Stargate: Atlantis vets who will be putting in an appearance on Stargate: Universe. Yes, it’s true. Robert Picardo and David Hewlett will be reprising their roles as Richard Woolsey and Dr. Rodney McKay for a late season two episode titled Seizure. As for who is experiencing the seizure and/or what is being seized – stay tuned!" — Joseph Mallozzi, July 23, 2010
  • "Brad finished addressing the network notes on Seizure today. Prep continues on the episode which will see the return of two familiar faces: Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) and Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett)." — Joseph Mallozzi, September 2, 2010
  • Dodoalda writes: "When does the episode inculuding SGA guests start filming?" Answer: "Next week. I think." — Joseph Mallozzi, September 3, 2010
  • "Also this afternoon, Bob Picardo and his lovely wife Linda dropped by the production offices to say hi (David Hewlett was in yesterday). They’re in for the weekend because Woolsey sees action tomorrow." — Joseph Mallozzi, September 9, 2010
  • "Well, so much for best intentions. The plan was to start beating out the big season finale this morning, but with Brad on Stage 6 overseeing the first day of main unit on Seizure and Carl down on Stage 5 overseeing the icky second unit action on Hope, we never did get around to gathering. ... Actor’s Bob Picardo and David Hewlett also came by to say hi, both styling in their suits. And, speaking of styling, check out Lou Diamond Phillips (SGU’s Colonel David Telford) in his dress blues..." — Joseph Mallozzi, September 10, 2010
  • AJM writes: "Since the Naquadria issue seems to be a prominent part of SGU, any chance those back in the Milky Way will take a trip to Jonas Quinn’s homeworld?" Answer: "Check out season two’s Seizure." — Joseph Mallozzi, September 12, 2010
  • "Victor Garber (Alias, Titanic) Acclaimed stage and film actor Garber stars as Ambassador Ovirda of planet Langara." — Syfy Press Release, September 16, 2010
  • Mattjboesch8907 writes: "My Question is this: “Who’s Directing Seizure?" Answer: "Veteran director Helen Shaver is at the helm." — Joseph Mallozzi, September 18, 2010
  • Bailey writes: "Is there going to be any mention of Jonas in Seizure or another ep?" Answer: "There should be, yes." — Joseph Mallozzi, September 18, 2010
  • "Two famous, well-loved Atlantis characters, Rodney McKay and Richard Woolsey, [guest-star for an episode] ... and it has a little bit of the flavor of last season, when we brought O'Neill back. This is a little bit of the old show in terms of storytelling and in terms of the story itself, [especially regarding] the element of humor that is in the show. Because David is funny. David Hewlett is a funny man. And McKay's a funny character. But it is a really intriguing story too, and in some ways in the storytelling it's a little bit like 'The Pegasus Project' was, in that people at both ends of the story need to work together to achieve something. 'Pegasus Project' was an episode of SG-1 that I wrote that was the first crossover between SG-1 and Atlantis. So this is sort of a crossover between Atlantis and SGU." — Brad Wright, Blaster interview, November 2, 2010

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