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Atlantis encounters the Vedeenans and tries to save their ill leader, Davos. Davos appears to see the future, and predicts the destruction of Atlantis. Carter must decide how to react to his prophesy when the Wraith Todd proposes a collaboration but then brings the enemy to Atlantis.

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Spoiler Summary

Richard Woolsey is in the city and is included in a discussion with Carter and McKay. Somehow McKay reactivated the virus for which the Replicators were originally created — to attack the Wraith. But now there is the problem of shutting down this virus. There is a Wraith who claims to have the original shut-down virus, and now the Expedition must decide if they can work with this Wraith.

In the meantime, the City of the Ancestors has a guest — Davos.

Davos has the ability to see things that will take place in the future. He shares his visions with others by “showing” them to them, including McKay and Col. Carter. Davos claims to have never been wrong in what his visions show. The problem with his visions is that those with whom he shares them could possibly interpret them incorrectly. According to Davos, the events that McKay saw actually happened, but McKay’s interpretation and conclusions drawn from the vision were incorrect. Davos has shared a vision with Carter and she must deal with the possibility of what this vision has revealed. She admits that it was pretty hard to misinterpret — the future of the galaxy rests on the actions of but a few — the people of Atlantis. And she is the one who must decide on what actions to take at the “crossroad”.

Davos spends time getting to know the people of the city, especially Teyla. The Expedition met Davos on a planet while they were seeking the fate of her people, and he tells her that they are still alive, but warns her that she may not like what she finds. He also knows that Teyla is pregnant and that she has kept her condition a secret because it is a complicated issue.

Davos is ill. He knows he doesn’t have long. Dr. Keller is treating him, but his condition grows worse. She gives him morphine for the pain, but it clouds his mind, preventing him from helping the Expedition know what awaits.

While Davos is under Dr. Keller’s care, Sheppard reports that a second hive ship will arrive soon. Carter sends him to the chair room to prepare for its arrival.

NOTE: Spoiler information is subject to change as the episode is in production.


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Production Notes

  • Joseph Mallozzi says that hints to the plot of this episode can be found in his poem in his December 31, 2006 entry. The line for this episode appears to be "Receive a grand gift from an all-seeing shaman." (Joseph Mallozzi's April 15 blog)
  • There is a "very good chance" that we'll see Robert Picardo (playing Richard Woolsey) in The Seer. (Joseph Mallozzi's April 15 blog)
  • "As for which episodes fans should be looking forward to most for each member of the team - it‘s tough to say only because my opinion could be very different from fan opinion especially when you start factoring in the different fan factions. But, in my opinnion, I’d say: [...] The Seer for Carter [...]" (Joseph Mallozzi's April 15 blog)
  • "James [Robbins, Production Designer] and Tom [Wells, Supervising Art Director] pop in for an impromptu meeting with Paul and I, looking ahead to possible builds for the next few episodes. No major construction for The Seer, but we will marry some of the exterior scenes from this episode to the This Mortal Coil shoot. James and Tom also pitch out how they’d like to pull off the “horrific reveal” at script’s end. I love it!" (Joseph Mallozzi's April 18 blog)
  • Questions: (a) "In which episode are we going to see again the Wraith from Common Ground? In the Seer? Is he going to be the Wraith who wants to work with Atlantis?" and (b) "Will he become a recurring character?" Answers: (a) "We will see him in The Seer." (b) "Maybe." (Joseph Mallozzi's May 4 blog)
  • "And then, look at who dropped by the office today: none other than Bob Picardo who is in town filming an episode of Stargate: Atlantis (The Seer)." Photo included. (Joseph Mallozzi's May 7 blog)
  • "Paul and Alan have just finished their producer cut of The Seer in which Richard Woolsey pops in for an impromptu visit." (Joseph Mallozzi's June 1 blog)

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