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Goa'uld System Lord Ra

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Re, Phra

Presides Over

The sun, order

Personal Symbols

The sun, stylized eye, child, scarab beetle, hawk-headed man, a hawk wearing the sun disk encircled by a serpent, a human man holding the Ankh in his right hand and a scepter in his left.

Earth Mythological References

Described in many texts as the creator of everything, Ra’s position as chief among the Egyptian gods was unchallenged for many centuries. Ra’s sun disk, depicted over the waters of Nun (Chaos), represented creation and order. Legend has it that Ra (the sun) traveled the heavens by day in a boat, bestowing his blessings and favor upon the earth. At night, the boat traveled through Tuat, the underworld, where Ra gave the gifts of air, light and food to the unfortunate condemned. Before leaving Tuat each night, Ra would battle with Apophis, casting a spell over the snake-demon that would render him immobile. Ra’s followers would then hack Apophis to pieces, allowing the sun god safe passage into the heavens for another days journey.

All Egyptian kings believed themselves to be sons of Ra, who would take the human form of the reigning pharaoh and go in to the queen, impregnating her with his seed.

The cult of Ra eventually gave way to worship of Osiris, and Ra’s persona was combined with that of Amen. By the Twentieth Dynasty, seventy-five forms of Ra were known and sum as a litany to the god during his worship.

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