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Dr. Pullman


Dr. Pullman was an entomologist at the Gamma Site. He assisted Dr. Myers in their study of R75, insects that were destroying crops on planets recently visited by Priors. He was present when members of the International Oversight Advisory toured the lab. He was interested in Myers's test results after the scientist had discovered the bugs had changed from herbivores to carnivores. When he and Myers returned to the lab containing R75, they discovered the new food source had created an exponential growth cycle in the bugs and the multitude was breaching containment.

Myers and Pullman immediately hit the biohazard alarm, believing they had sealed the chamber and disposed of the bugs. However, one escaped and bit Myers on the arm. After Myers collapsed, he explained what they had discovered to the base commander Col. Pearson. Pullman presumably fell victim to the insects along with the rest of the staff at the Gamma Site before the self destruct initiated.


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