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Here is a quick reference to the planets that were featured in each episode. In some cases the planet did not figure greatly in the episode, and much of it may have taken place on Earth, or in a ship. But if a planet was mentioned, it is listed here. When Earth locations were featured in the episode, they are mentioned as well.

Stargate The Movie

  • Abydos — where Ra was defeated and where Daniel Jackson remained

Season One

Planets s1.jpg

1.01 "Children of the Gods"

  • Abydos — home of Daniel's family by marriage
  • Chulak — home base of Apophis and his Jaffa

1.02 "Children of the Gods Part 2"

  • Abydos — home of Daniel's family by marriage
  • Chulak — home base of Apophis and his Jaffa

1.03 "The Enemy Within"

1.04 "Emancipation"

1.05 "The Broca Divide"

1.06 "The First Commandment"

  • P3X-513 — planet with broken sun shield and cave dwellers; ruled by Jonas Hanson

1.07 "Cold Lazarus"

  • P3X-562 — home of the "Crystal Unity"

1.08 "The Nox"

1.09 "Brief Candle"

  • Argos (P3X-8596) — Argosian homeworld, site of a genetic experiment by the Goa'uld Pelops

1.10 "Thor's Hammer"

1.11 "The Torment Of Tantalus"

1.12 "Bloodlines"

  • Chulak — home base of Apophis and his Jaffa

1.13 "Fire And Water"

1.14 "Hathor"

1.15 "Singularity"

1.16 "Cor-ai"

1.17 "Enigma"

1.18 "Solitudes"

1.19 "Tin Man"

1.20 "There But For The Grace Of God"

  • P3R-233 — site of the quantum mirror that takes Daniel to an alternate universe
  • SGA, an alternate universe Stargate program

1.21 "Politics"

1.22 "Within The Serpent's Grasp Part 1"

  • Aboard Klorel's Goa'uld Mothership

Season Two

Planets s2.jpg

2.01 "The Serpent's Lair Part 2"

  • Aboard Klorel's and Apophis' Goa'uld Motherships

2.02 "In The Line Of Duty"

  • Nasya — site of a Goa'uld attack where Carter is taken over by the Tok'ra Jolinar of Malkshur
  • Air Force Academy Hospital — where the Nasyan refugees are treated

2.03 "Prisoners"

  • Hadante — prison planet where SG-1 was imprisoned after helping an escaped murderer on an unnamed planet

2.04 "The Game Keeper"

  • P7J-989 — idyllic world holding a virtual reality gaming facility.

2.05 "Need"

  • P3R-636 — home of King Pyrus the God Slayer and Princess Shyla and their naquadah mines

2.06 "Thor's Chariot"

  • Cimmeria (P3X-974) — Asgard protected planet, under attack by Heru'ur after the destruction of the Thor's Hammer protection

2.07 "Message In A Bottle"

  • P5C-353 — home of the orb and its organisms
  • P4G-881 — primordial world where orb and organisms are sent to survive

2.08 "Family"

  • Chulak — home base of Apophis and his Jaffa

2.09 "Secrets"

  • Abydos — home of Daniel's family by marriage
  • Earth: Washington, D.C. and Air Force Headquarters

2.10 "Bane"

  • BP6-3Q1 — home of the flying alien insects who attack Teal'c
  • Earth: Colorado Springs, where Teal'c takes refuge in an abandoned warehouse

2.11 "The Tok'ra Part 1"

2.12 "The Tok'ra Part 2"

2.13 "Spirits"

  • PXY-887 — home of the Salish Indians and their powerful alien 'spirits'

2.14 "Touchstone"

2.15 "A Matter Of Time"

  • P3X-451 — planet near the black hole

2.16 "The Fifth Race"

  • Place of Our Legacy (P3R-272) — location of Ancients' repository of knowledge that gets downloaded into O'Neill
  • Othala — Asgard homeworld, here O'Neill seeks help to remove the Ancients' download

2.17 "Serpent's Song"

  • PB5-926 — desert world on which Apophis crashes and begs for help from SG-1

2.18 "Holiday"

2.19 "One False Step"

  • PJ2-445 — homeworld of the silent white aliens and their symbiotic plants

2.20 "Show And Tell"

2.21 "1969"

  • Earth, but SG-1 was trying to reach P2X-555 when they went back in time

2.22 "Out Of Mind Part 1"

Season Three

Planets s3.jpg

3.01 "Into The Fire Part 2"

3.02 "Seth"

  • Earth: Washington State, hideout of Goa'uld Seth and his cult

3.03 "Fair Game"

3.04 "Legacy"

3.05 "Learning Curve"

  • Orban — Aztec-influenced home of the nanotechnology-enhanced Orbanians

3.06 "Point Of View"

  • Alternate Earth and SGC

3.07 "Deadman Switch"

  • PJ6-877 — forest world where SG-1 are trapped by devilish bounty hunter Arris Boch

3.08 "Demons"

  • P9X-3971 — home to Dark Age English Christians terrorized by Sokar's Unas

3.09 "Rules Of Engagement"

  • P89-534 — training planet for youthful soldiers bent on infiltrating the SGC in service of Apophis

3.10 "Forever In A Day"

  • Abydos — home of Daniel's family by marriage

3.11 "Past And Present"

3.12 "Jolinar's Memories Part 1"

  • Netu — moon of Delmak and Sokar's prison world
  • Vorash — Tok'ra stronghold

3.13 "The Devil You Know Part 2"

  • Netu — moon of Delmak and Sokar's prison world
  • Vorash — Tok'ra stronghold

3.14 "Foothold"

3.15 "Pretense"

  • Tollana - new homeworld of the Tollan

3.16 "Urgo"

  • P4X-884 — laboratory in which the program Urgo was created; home of the evil creator Togar

3.17 "A Hundred Days"

  • Edora (P5C-768) — planet subjected to period spectacular asteroid showers

3.18 "Shades Of Grey"

3.19 "New Ground"

3.20 "Maternal Instinct"

  • Kheb — legendary temple of the powerful Oma Desala, Mother Nature herself, who is caring for Sha'uri's son

3.21 "Crystal Skull"

  • P7X-377 — giant pyramid, home to a Crystal Skull through which SG-1 are transported along with Daniel's grandfather Nick Ballard to meet the giant alien Quetlzelcoatl
  • Earth: SGC, and Oregon mental health institution where Nick Ballard committed himself

3.22 "Nemesis Part 1"

  • Thor's ship

Season Four

Planets s4.jpg

4.01 "Small Victories Part 2"

  • P3X-234 — Where O'Neill, Carter, and Teal'c gated to and stayed for two weeks

4.02 "The Other Side"

  • Euronda — home to sinister Alar and his followers fighting a war of racial purity against the Breeders

4.03 "Upgrades"

  • PX9-757 — planet occupied by Apophis' forces, where a new mothership is being built
  • Earth: Colorado Springs, O'Malley's bar

4.04 "Crossroads"

4.05 "Divide And Conquer"

4.06 "Window Of Opportunity"

4.07 "Watergate"

  • Unnamed planet with liquid beings

4.08 "The First Ones"

4.09 "Scorched Earth"

  • P5S-381 — temporary home of Enkarans, terraformed by the Gadmeer

4.10 "Beneath The Surface"

  • P3R-118 — arctic world where SG-1 are imprisoned as slaves in a power plant

4.11 "Point Of No Return"

  • Earth: SGC, Montana
  • P30-255 — Martin Lloyd's home planet

4.12 "Tangent"

4.13 "Serpent's Venom"

  • Chulak — home base of Apophis and his Jaffa

4.14 "The Curse"

  • Earth: SGC, Chicago, and Egypt

4.15 "Chain Reaction"

  • Earth: SGC, Maybourne's prison cell, Kinsey's house
  • P3S-452 — Goa'uld stronghold to which Teal'c was ordered to get more naquadah
  • Unnamed planet on which the SGC detonated the test naquadah bomb

4.16 "2010"

  • Earth, in the future

4.17 "Absolute Power"

  • Abydos — home of Daniel's family by marriage
  • Earth: SGC, Daniel's 'dream' house

4.18 "The Light"

  • P4X-347 — Goa'uld resort planet where the addictive Light imprisons SG-1

4.19 "Prodigy"

  • M4C-862 — Moon-based research station invaded by lethal swarming 'light' bees

4.20 "Entity"

4.21 "Double Jeopardy"

4.22 "Exodus Part 1"

Season Five

Planets s5.jpg

5.01 "Enemies Part 2"

  • SGC's captured mothership, invaded by replicators

5.02 "Threshold"

5.03 "Ascension"

  • Velona (P4X-636) — homeworld and prison of the ascended being Orlin
  • Earth: SGC and Carter's house

5.04 "The Fifth Man"

  • P7S-441 — planet on which O'Neill is trapped by Goa'uld searching for the alien 'Lt. Tyler'

5.05 "Red Sky"

  • K'Tau — Asgard protected planet whose sun is nearly destroyed by SGC actions

5.06 "Rite Of Passage"

5.07 "Beast Of Burden"

  • P3X-888 — Unas homeworld
  • Unnamed planet, home of Burrock and the enslaved Unas

5.08 "The Tomb"

  • P2X-338 — deserted planet, previously home to System Lord Marduk

5.09 "Between Two Fires"

  • Tollana — homeworld of the Tollan

5.10 "2001"

  • P3A-194 — Volian homeworld, agrarian planet whose population was wiped out by the Aschen
  • P4C-970 — Aschen homeworld

5.11 "Desperate Measures"

  • Earth: SGC, abandoned Seattle hospital

5.12 "Wormhole X-Treme"

  • Earth: SGC, The Bridge Studios, where the 'show' is filmed

5.13 "Proving Ground"

5.14 "48 Hours"

  • P3X-116 — Goa'uld planet where Teal'c finally kills nemesis Tanith

5.15 "Summit Part 1"

  • Ravanna — planet with underground Tok'ra base
  • Hassara System — space station where System Lords meet

5.16 "Last Stand Part 2"

  • Ravanna — planet with underground Tok'ra base
  • Hassara System — space station where System Lords meet

5.17 "Failsafe"

  • Aboard a ship and an asteriod

5.18 "The Warrior"

  • Cal Mah — Base of rebel Jaffa led by a charismatic warrior

5.19 "Menace"

  • Unnamed planet, place of origin of the replicators

5.20 "The Sentinel"

5.21 "Meridian"

5.22 "Revelations"

Season Six

Planets s6.jpg

6.01 "Redemption Part 1"

6.02 "Redemption Part 2"

  • P2X-374 — temporary rebel base
  • Unnamed planet, where Anubis' energy firing cannon was operating from

6.03 "Descent"

  • Anubis' mothership

6.04 "Frozen"

  • Earth: Antarctica

6.05 "Nightwalkers"

  • Earth: a small town

6.06 "Abyss"

  • Unnamed Goa'uld outpost ruled by Ba'al

6.07 "Shadow Play"

6.08 "The Other Guys"

  • P5X-112 — planet where O'Neill is babysitting physicists doing an excavation
  • Unnamed homeworld of Lord Khonsu of Amon Shek

6.09 "Alliegance"

6.10 "Cure"

6.11 "Prometheus"

  • Earth

6.12 "Unnatural Selection"

  • Hala — Asgard homeworld overrun by Replicators

6.13 "Sight Unseen"

  • P9X-391 — possible homeworld of the Ancients where interdimensional device is found

6.14 "Smoke And Mirrors"

  • Earth

6.15 "Paradise Lost"

  • Unnamed planet and its moon, believed to be site of Ancients' technology

6.16 "Metamorphosis"

  • P3X-367 — Nirrti's final base of operations

6.17 "Disclosure"

  • Earth

6.18 "Forsaken"

  • P2X-005 — planet with crash-landed vessel and stranded passengers

6.19 "Changeling"

  • Earth: various locations including a fire station
  • Kresh'tar — where Teal'c and Bra'tac lie dying after an ambush

6.20 "Memento"

  • P3X-744 — where the Prometheus is forced to land and find the buried Stargate

6.21 "Prophecy"

  • P4S-237 — planet ruled by Ba'al, where Jonas displays premonition powers

6.22 "Full Circle"

  • Abydos — home of Daniel's family by marriage

Season Seven

Planets s7.jpg

7.01 "Fallen Part 1"

  • P4T-3G6 — Mistaken for Vis Uban, planet where Daniel Jackson is found

7.02 "Homecoming Part 2"

7.03 "Fragile Balance"

  • Earth
  • Aboard Asgard Loki's ship

7.04 "Orpheus"

  • Erebus — labor camp where Bra'tac and Ry'ac are trapped

7.05 "Revisions"

  • P3X-289 — planet with all inhabitants living within a shrinking bubble

7.06 "Lifeboat"

  • P2A-347 — planet where the Stromos crashed on its way from Talthus to Ardena

7.07 "Enemy Mine"

  • P3X-403 — resource-rich mining world home to Iron Shirt and his vast tribes of aboriginal Unas

7.08 "Space Race"

  • Hebridan — technologically sophisticated homeworld of space pilot Warrick, whom SG-1 rescued from P2X-005

7.09 "Avenger 2.0"

  • P3L-997 — flooded world where Daniel is trapped
  • P3C-249 — Jaffa world where O'Neill and Teal'c are trapped
  • P5S-117 — site of the Stargate infected by Felger's virus, controlled by Ba'al

7.10 "Birthright"

  • P3X-955 — world controlled by Goa'uld Moloc
  • Ha'ktyl — home to Ishta and her tribe of rebel female warrior Jaffa

7.11 "Evolution Part 1"

  • Earth: Honduras, jungle site of the fabled 'Fountain of Youth'
  • Unnamed planet controlled by the Goa'uld Ramius

7.12 "Evolution Part 2"

  • Earth: Honduras, jungle rebel base camp
  • Tartarus — Anubis' home base

7.13 "Grace"

  • Aboard the Prometheus

7.14 "Fallout"

7.15 "Chimera"

  • Earth: SGC, Daniel's house, Carter's house

7.16 "Death Knell"

  • Alpha Site — New Alpha Site base, destroyed by Anubis

7.17 "Heroes Part 1"

7.18 "Heroes Part 2"

7.19 "Resurrection"

  • Earth: Los Angeles, where the NID are experimenting with human/Goa'uld hybrids

7.20 "Inauguration"

  • Earth: The White House

7.21 "Lost City Part 1"

  • P3X-439 — site of second Ancients' repository

7.22 "Lost City Part 2"

Season Eight

Planets s8.jpg

8.01 "New Order Part 1"

  • Stargate Command (SGC) Base
  • Aboard a modified Goa'uld cargo ship
  • Aboard the Asgard ship Daniel Jackson
  • Orilla — new homeworld of the Asgard, threatened by Replicators

8.02 "New Order Part 2"

8.03 "Lockdown"

8.04 "Zero Hour"

  • P8F-809 — planet SG-2 has just returned from
  • P6J-908 — planet from which incredible growing plant was taken
  • P2X-887 — where SG-1 goes to look for technology left by Anubis

8.05 "Icon"

  • Unnamed planet, site of a world war sparked by SG-1's arrival

8.06 "Avatar"

8.07 "Affinity"

  • Earth: Colorado Springs

8.08 "Covenant"

8.09 "Sacrifices"

8.10 "Endgame"

  • P4S-161 — where Teal'c meets with rebel Jaffa leaders and later returns to find them killed by the Trust's symbiote poison
  • Alpha Site (P4X-650) — where Teal'c goes when he cannot open the gate to Earth
  • P3S-114 — where Teal'c and M'zel go in search of the Tok'ra operative Zarin

8.11 "Gemini"

8.12 "Prometheus Unbound"

  • Aboard the Prometheus
  • Unnamed planet where Daniel met alien traders

8.13 "It's Good To Be King"

  • Harry Maybourne's Planet — where Maybourne became the ruler; former planet of Goa'uld Ares; place where Ancient time machine is discovered

8.14 "Full Alert"

8.15 "Citizen Joe"

8.16 "Reckoning Part 1"

  • Stargate Command (SGC) Base
  • Unnamed planet where Anubis has established a base
  • Dakara — where a sacred temple is situated deep within Ba'al's territory; former Ancients' world with powerful weapon of mass destruction
  • Aboard Replicator Carter's ship; aboard Thor's ship

8.16 "Reckoning Part 2"

  • Stargate Command (SGC) Base
  • Unnamed planet where Anubis has established a base
  • Dakara — where a sacred temple is situated deep within Ba'al's territory; former Ancients' world with powerful weapon of mass destruction
  • Aboard Replicator Carter's ship

8.18 "Threads"

  • Dakara — where a sacred temple is situated deep within Ba'al's territory; former Ancients' world with powerful weapon of mass destruction
  • Tartarus — where Anubis keeps his Kull Warriors
  • Unnamed planet where Anubis has established a base
  • Stargate Command (SGC) Base
  • Earth: Jack's house; Sam and Pete's new house; Jack's cabin
  • A diner in Daniel's partially-ascended mind configured by Oma Desala from his memories from childhood

8.19 "Moebius Part 1"

  • Stargate Command (SGC) Base
  • Earth: Cemetery; Ancient Egypt of 3000 B.C.; Various locations within Alternate Timeline
  • Aboard Ancient Time Machine

8.20 "Moebius Part 2"

  • Earth: Various locations within Alternate Timeine from present; Ancient Egypt of 2995 B.C.; Jack's cabin
  • Chulak — within Alternate Timeline; under the control of Apophis
  • Stargate Command (SGC) Base
  • Aboard Ancient Time Machine

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