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Pitt Meadows Airport location


Pitt Meadows Regional Airport is a general aviation airport located 45 km east of downtown Vancouver. It has three runways as well as a float plane dock on the adjacent Fraser River.

A runway at Pitt Meadows was used to represent the runway of an Air Force Base in 4.12 "Tangent". If the base were meant to be near Cheyenne Mountain, it would have likely have been Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs.


Pitt Meadows Airport is located in the Pitt Meadows District east of Vancouver and Bridge Studios, just south of Lougheed Highway. It opened in 1963 and now has three runways, one of which is 4300 feet long and can serve small business jets. The airport is used for general aviation, private pilot training, and small commercial charter flights. It also has a seaplane access on the Fraser River, so that float planes can travel to or from the many other seaplane docks in the greater Vancouver area. The pictures below were taken on a particularly nasty day weather-wise, so no flight activity was underway.

In 4.12 "Tangent," runway 18 (pointing South, or 180 degrees from North) is used for testing the X-301. At 2500 feet long, runway 18 is not actually the longest runway at the airport, but must have been more convenient for filming. The X-301 doesn't really need a runway, since it doesn't take off or land on the ground, but the site provides a convenient place for observation of Teal'c's fly-bys to the rest of SG-1, Hammond, Davis, and General Vidrine. The runway is also the launching point for O'Neill and Teal'c's ill-fated test flight, and the ship never returns to the airfield.


Pitt Meadows runway 18
X-301 Fly-by
After successful test flight

Photos, April 2009 — click to enlarge

Pitt Meadows runway 26L
Pitt Meadows tower
Fuel truck


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