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P3X-474 was where the crew of Odyssey escaped while their ship was being chased down by Ori Warships.

Geopolitical and Structural History

Nothing is known about geology of P3X-474, or even if the planet was inhabited. It was apparently a planet determined to be a safe refuge, however, because it was used for sanctuary when one of Earth's spaceships was fighting the Ori.

The Odyssey had just left the Asgard's home, Orilla in the Ida Galaxy after the legacy of all the Asgard's knowledge and technology was downloaded onto the ship. The enhanced 304 was being stalked by the Ori.

Every time Odyssey exited hyperspace, Ori Warships would bear down on it. Although the recently installed Asgard weapons and defense systems helped, the 304 was taking a beating. Not wanting the Ori fleet to follow Odyssey all the way to Earth, the ship stopped at the nearest planet with a Stargate, P3X-474. Members of the crew were beamed to the surface so they could escape to Earth using the Stargate. Only General Landry and SG-1 remained aboard.

An Ori Warship fired its weapon at the damaged vessel, but Lt. Col. Carter was able to activate a time dilation bubble around the Odyssey. She hoped to give herself time to figure out how to evade the blast and save the Asgard legacy. SG-1 and Landry were trapped in this time dilation field above P3X-474 for approximately fifty years. To everything outside the bubble, time barely passed.

Eventually Carter figured out a way to escape, but the time bubble had been working for so long it had sapped any energy needed. Lt. Col Mitchell pointed out the force of the Ori blast could generate enough power, but the time bubble would collapse and reverse, and no one would remember how to stop it. Teal'c volunteered and remained in a smaller field, immune to the collapse of the time dilation bubble, while the blast impacted Odyssey and powered a reversal of the time dilation field. After the reversal, Teal'c gave the "present day Carter" the formula needed to escape and prevent repeating the past's actions.

Odyssey escaped into hyperspace from P3X-474, and Teal'c was the only one who aged or knew of events that happened in those decades passing above the planet.



Ori warship fires on Odyssey over P3X-474
Time bubble slowing missile trajectory to Odyssey over P3X-474
Teal'c shielded when time bubble collapses

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