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P3X-289 was a planet that suffered a catastrophe over four hundred years; the remaining population survived in a life support bubble surrounding the town and had all their knowledge and awareness set up by the Link.


  • Names and Designations: P3X-289
  • Number of Suns: Unknown
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Abydos Cartouche
  • Introduced in Episode: 7.05 "Revisions"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Post-advanced culture; most inhabitants no longer remembered how to work the equipment that controlled the link and the bubble which sustained them
  • Main Interest: exploration
  • Influenced/Dominated by: People of P3X-289
  • History of Stargate: The "Gate of Magh Mar" was discovered 563 years ago in the ruins of Danaan and put on display in a museum. Their researchers believed it was of ritual significance in the worship of the goddess Morrigan. It is unclear whether or not the Stargate was always outside the sphere of survival or just was lost as the bubble shrank. The inhabitants never considered it as a means of escape.

Stargate Glyphs

Glyphs not shown. Location was 6000 light years from Earth.


Touching the sphere
Pallin & Carter in Link center
SG-1 in village

Geopolitical and Structural History

Apparently, the people of P3X-589 once were under the control of the Goa'uld Morrigan, but she abandoned the people several centuries, perhaps millenia ago, because when the people rediscovered the Stargate almost six hundred years ago, they figured the "Gate of Magh Mar" was just an item of ritual worship. In the intervening centuries, the people of P3X-589 became very advanced technologically. But their industrial growth came at a price. The air and water of the planet became toxic, and the population were dying from disease and starvation.

To save themselves, the citizens created a dome, and chose to live more simply in a shielded dome. One hundred thousand citizens built a simple brick village with the monitors and environmental equipment under the ground. From inside the dome, holographic imagery made sky and landscape appear, although people would sense when they got too near the edge of the barrier–which was permeable by solid objects. One advanced technology the citizens kept was "the link", a direct neural interface with the planet's central databank. Through the Link, the citizens could instantly retrieve history, science, census information.

They existed in this small oasis of the planet for over four hundred years. The geothermal vents powering the dome began to fail over two hundred years ago. Failsafes put in place compensated for that, but those failsafes came at a cost. The system would automatically "shrink" the dome. The citizens wouldn't even realize because the Link would essentially "reprogram" them. They would not notice the alterations. Their memories would recall things had "always been that way"; and worst of all, when the population was unsustainable at the dome's current level, the dome would program some of the population to walk out of the dome into the toxic landscape outside, never missed by the altered memories of friends and families.

When a MALP went through the dome and registered an interior, SG-1 was sent to investigate this odd advanced technology. They went and encountered the population, who were friendly, but a bit "odd". They stayed overnight in the village, Daniel and Sam rooming with a married couple Pallan and Evalla, and Jack and Teal'c staying with a father and son, Kendrick and Nevin. Pallan was the one in charge of monitoring the dome's environmental systems. SG-1 became suspicious when they noticed odd things happening, like the woman on the town council suddenly disappearing, but no one remembered her ever existing, or Kendrick's home suddenly moving its location to a different house (the councilwoman's house). One day the team saw villagers taking the Link unit off easily to offer the team to try it out, though they demurred. The next, the villagers believed removing it would instantly kill them.

After Evalla disappeared and Pallan insisted he was never married, they became truly worried. Daniel's research had him find paper deeds and contracts the old lawyers had drawn up when the dome was first created, showing the truth. While Jack and Teal'c were cornered by programmed villagers who insisted they should use the Link, Daniel and Sam were able to convince Pallan of the truth. He and Carter manually reprogrammed the Link to stop the immediate danger. The SGC evacuated the people of P3X-589 to a new world, providing hazmat suits so they could cross the toxic landscape to the Stargate.


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