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First Prime Oshu


Oshu is First Prime of the Goa'uld System Lord Yu.

Character Biography

Oshu might be a physically small man, but he makes an impressive First Prime for his master, System Lord Yu. His master is one of the oldest of the Goa'uld and is showing signs of "old age"—he cannot take on a new host and the sarcophagus is losing its effect. Slowly, but surely, Yu is going senile.

Oshu speaks for his master with authority, however Yu gets mad at him a lot because of it. Oshu is never quite sure when he should speak for his master or not.

When Anubis was bound to find the Lost City of the Ancients to obtain the weapons there, the SGC devised a plan to entrap him. The plan was to have the Tok'ra plant a fake tablet which would lead Anubis to Vis Uban, where the SGC would take out his enhanced weapon powered by his collection of "eyes"—including the Eye of Ra he obtained from Abydos and used to destroy that planet. Because Yu was the only System Lord who did not vote to have Anubis reenstated among the System Lords, Teal'c went to him to lead the System Lords to complete the attack on Anubis while at the planet. System Lord Yu agreed to do so, and Oshu went about implementing the plan to assemble his fleet and then make the attack.



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