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Goa'uld Olokun

Earth Culture of Origin

Yoruban (Africa)

Alternate Names / Spellings

None. Associated with Neptune/Poseidon of Greco- Roman mythology. Olokun means owner of the sea or lord of the oceans.

Presides Over

Death and the seas.

Personal Symbols

Lizards, mask of death, chains to enslave his enemies.

Earth Mythological References

Worshipped in the coastal area of Nigeria, Olokun was a fierce god with long black hair and dark skin who lived in a palace under the ocean. Human sacrifices were offered to appease him in order to gain his favor for bountiful harvests from the sea.

Stargate References

Olokun was one of the seven System Lords meeting to discuss the attacks on them by an unknown rival Goa'uld. Each of the System Lords had suffered various losses, but no one knew the identity of their attacker. Osiris appeared at the meeting and informed the others that the attacks had been a show of power by Anubis, who was seeking admittance to the inner circle of the ruling Goa'uld. By offering to destroy Earth as his payment for joining their ranks, Olokun cast his vote in favor of allowing Anubis to regain his former position among the System Lords. (Summit/Last Stand)

Death Knell reference - Work in Progress


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