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Mainland Street


Buildings on Mainland Street near downtown Vancouver were used for two of Daniel's apartments, in Seasons 1 and 2.


Mainland Street is just a few blocks from downtown Vancouver, in a trendy area called Yaletown. A rail yard in the 19th Century, the refurbished Yaletown is known for its restaurants, shopping, nightlife and urban living. Its red-brick buildings house everything from apartment lofts to specialty chocolate shops and microbreweries. The narrow street has a combination of tall, smooth-walled buildings and others with interesting awnings and patio covers.

Mainland Street was used for the exteriors of two of Daniel Jackson's residences. The first was a two-story building that the rest of SG-1 entered to clean out his apartment while he was being held by Nem in 1.13 "Fire and Water". The second was a tall red-brick building at 1152 Mainland Street called "Yaletown Building", used in 2.18 "Holiday". In Daniel's body, Ma'chello arrives at the building by cab but decides to do some exploring before entering.


1.13 Daniel's Apartment
2.18 His Second Apartment

Photos, April 2009 — click to enlarge

Close-up of address
1152 Mainland St.
Down the street
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