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* [[2.16 "The Fifth Race" Episode Guide|2.16 "The Fifth Race"]]
* [[2.16 "The Fifth Race" Episode Guide|2.16 "The Fifth Race"]]
* [[5.22 "Revelations" Episode Guide|5.22 "Revelations"]]
* [[5.22 "Revelations" Episode Guide|5.22 "Revelations"]]
* http://www.pantheon.org/articles/l/loki.html
* http://todd.reimer.com/norse/myth.html#Laeding

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Asgard Geneticist Loki

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Loke, the Sly One, the Trickster, the Shape Changer, the Sky Traveler.

Presides Over

Mischief, Deceit and Trickery

Earth Mythological References

A son of the giants Farbauti and Laufey, Loki is considered one of the Æsir gods, yet he is sometimes their enemy. Known as the Trickster god, Loki is associated with fire and magic, and over time became associated with evil, but can also be heroic.

Loki's wife is Sigyn, however, he fathered three monsters with his giantees mistress Angrboda.

It was believed Loki and Odin were blood brothers, so none of the gods dared to harm Loki, no matter how terrible and evil he became. Loki's unpleasantness led to the death of Balder (god of light) at the feast of Aegir, at which point the other gods determined Loki was to be punished.

As punishment, Loki was chained to three large boulders (one under his shoulders, one under his loins and one under his knees) and a poisonous snake was placed above his head. Loyal to her husband, Sigyn stays with him and catches any dripping venom that might land on him is in a bowl. When the bowl fills, however, Sigyn must leave to empty it. Without his wife to catch the poison, it lands on Loki's face, and the agonized painful twisting causes earthquakes and tremors.

It is said when the end time is at hand (Ragnarok), Loki will escape his chains and lead the giants in a war against the other gods.

Stargate References

Loki is a renegade Asgard geneticist, formerly of the Asgard Ruling Council, who tried unsanctioned experiments against the humans of Earth in order to find the perfect DNA to create bodies with brains which could tolerate the Asgard's advanced intellect. (We learn that the original physiology of the Asgard is similar to that of human beings in the episode, 5.22 "Revelations".)

Original Asgard

Loki's goal was to save his race which was dying through their current cloning methods. He regularly took people of Earth and replaced them with clones while he studied the original for a week. After his studies were concluded, he exchanged the original for the clone and do it again with another subject. The clones he created were never meant to live past the week they were needed to substitute for his test subjects. He was caught and banished 19 years prior to taking Jack O'Neill as a test subject.

When Loki heard about Jack O'Neill and his successful use of the Ancient knowledge download (2.16 "The Fifth Race"), he decided to examine Jack's DNA and see if it would help him save his people. He took his opportunity when the Asgard were busy with the war with the Replicators and relocation. Loki did not know that Jack's DNA had a marker in it to prevent tampering and when he created the clone, the marker made the clone stop advancing to Jack's current age. So, when Jack's clone woke up, he was approximately 15 years old. If it hadn't been for this problem, no one would have ever been able to tell the difference.

Jack's clone was able to remember the circumstances of his abduction and Daniel and Teal'c set off on an investigation to interview other people who had reported similar circumstances. Their goal was to determine the modus operandi of Jack's abductor in order to not only find him, but to prevent continued abductions. They interviewed people whose abductions happened 19 or more years ago (Pamala, Werner, Zyang Wu) and found that this particular Asgard used seven days between his abductions.

Along with Jack's clone, they set a trap to find the Asgard who was doing these experiments. The trap was successful and they ended up on Loki's ship in Earth's orbit. They summoned Thor who was able to save Jack's clone from death and allow him to grow at a normal human rate. The clone chose to go to high school and embrace it, taking a path different from the original.

Loki was reprimanded severely by Thor and Thor promised that Loki would be punished for his actions, but the method of his punishment was not given.


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